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Does 5G have security threats?

Hi All


Does 5G technology have security threats?  


According to this link, there are some issues:


"National Security Concerns According to a DIB assessment, China is the current leader in sub-6 technologies and is likely to deploy the world’s first 5G wide-area network. Chinese companies, which often receive government subsidies (e.g., subsidized land for facilities, R&D grants), are therefore well-positioned as global 5G suppliers. Huawei has signed contracts for the construction of 5G infrastructure in around 30 countries, including Iceland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

Some experts are concerned that vulnerabilities in Chinese equipment could be used to conduct cyber-attacks or military/industrial espionage. These experts claim vulnerabilities were introduced through the poor business practices of many Chinese companies. However, they note that vulnerabilities could also be intentionally introduced for malicious purposes. China’s National Intelligence Law, enacted in June 2017, declares that “any organization and citizen shall, in accordance with the law, support, provide assistance, and cooperate in national intelligence work, and guard the secrecy of any national intelligence work that they are aware of.” Some analysts interpret this law as requiring Chinese companies to cooperate with intelligence services, including compelling installation of backdoors to provide private data to the government.


Other analysts argue that the risks posed by Chinese telecommunications equipment vary depending on the equipment’s location within the cellular network architecture. Most cellular networks are broken into two groups: the core network, which provides the gateway to the internet and ensures devices meet the provider’s standards, and the radio access network, composed of the cellular towers that broadcast and receive radio signals. These analysts state that, while the risks posed by Chinese core networks are significant, the risks posed by Chinese radio access networks could be managed. Other analysts have argued that having any Chinese equipment in the network could pose potential security concerns. Such concerns have prompted some analysts to argue that the United States should limit intelligence sharing with any country operating Chinese-supplied 5G equipment"



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Re: Does 5G have security threats?

The thing is, most people are freaking out over the "supply chain" (buying stuff from China) aspects of 5G.  That really doesn't have anything to do with 5G, it just has to do with freaking out over China.  And the new concern about standards developed elsewhere is just another version of that.


5G itself, the protocol, has inherent flaws.  It's easier to track you, it's easier to deny you service, and it's easier to send you fake notifications.  Its weird virtual LAN system allows people to attack segments and extract user data.


It's going to give us problems for years to come ...


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