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Recently published book on SOAR

Hi Folks - I recently published a book on Security Orchestration Automation and Response called 'SOAR to New Heights: Incident Response of the Future'.


After working in this space for 10+ years I felt inclined to share my experience while working in the field (Built incident response distributed architectures before the marketing term for SOAR). It's broken out into 6 main pillars with a key focus on shifting left. It seems that no matter the size of the company, the budgets are never expansive enough to capture all of the data we want in the incident response realm. 


The 6 Pillars:

  • Data Engineering
  • Health Monitoring
  • Detections as Code
  • Automations
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Case Management
  • AI & Machine Learning


Would love for any and all feedback if this is something that might peak your interest! I've made it available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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Community Champion

While on topic, probably straying too far into promotion of goods and services to be admissible for this forum under its T&Cs I’m afraid.

If it was a free offer of a copy for review or Mr Sneaky Sockpuppet had laid the ground with a question like “Help, I’m stuck on the ground with my dysfunctional security robots…” then it would probably be ok, in the same way you could provide likes to CISSP/Security+/CISA study guides.


You should edit the post or it will likely be moderated into oblivion.


Also you seem to have seven pillars instead of six…(I know it was just a little while ago CISSP had ten domains and I could keep count of them digitally…)