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Neighborhood CCTV System Recommendations

Greetings fellow ISC2 members,
   I have been in physical security for a number of years but on the personal and large enterprise side.  The gated neighborhood in which I live is looking to put in a gate camera system and I volunteered.  The stumbling block I would like to solicit feedback on is this, the system needs to be mounted in a weatherproof enclosure on the gate as there is no conditioned space near enough to make practical sense.  Also, there is concern about putting any components on anyone's property in case they ever sold and the new resident didn't want to have it there.  Every solution I've ever designed, I've been able to have my NVR in a conditioned space so the NEMA enclosure housing an NVR and components is new to me.  I'm good on the cameras, but would not be opposed to a system solution if the cameras were decent.

This is the situation I am looking for a resolution:
5-7 IP cameras (5 MP+ 15 FPS)
2+ TB local hard drive for recordings
Separate OS drive preferred
No local viewing all via web / mobile
Eventual ability to control gate would be preferable
Local POE for the cameras
Small battery backup
Mounted in 1-2 NEMA 4 enclosures on a brick wall
Missouri ambient temps range from the extremes of -10 - 105 degrees F

Budget: Trying to keep the entire solution under $3,000 US, but the hard limit is 5K.

Any recommendations for both the NEMA enclosure(s) and NVR or computer where I could load the OS and components would be greatly appreciated.

I was originally looking at using a Windows 10 LTSB system running Milestone, but I am open to any other vendors or solutions.  I know there are lots of industrial computers out there but I usually have built my own servers, so I am not familiar with the offerings.

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Ask local alarm companies (But not Spectrum) to quote a package that includes support.  


Physical hosting is the least of the problems with roll-your-own.  Ongoing support of the OS/Cameras/Apps becomes a much bigger issue after your basement is not available for hosting. 


A small business with which I have some involvement uses a Synology NAS as the brains behind our entire system, but again -- hire pros.


You might also consider a lobby panel at the gate so that guests have a way to contact the residents.

Defender I


I recommend mining the expertise of the ASIS community. For years they have recognized the important intersection of physical and information security. While not a member, I subscribed to their Security Management magazine for years and found it most informative. Both advertisements and articles there told me a lot of thought has gone into the very challenge you are facing.


In the magazine, they recognize the CISSP right nest to their own CPP as an important professional credential.


Good luck!




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Thank you for the reply.  I'm not too worried about the ongoing support for this system as it will be easily managed and maintained.  The couple of places I called wouldn't do an install without the ongoing support which was a ridiculous cost once you started projecting out any amount of time.  There is a call box at the gate already, but if the system starts doing access control then absolutely that would be a necessity.