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Newcomer I

Honestly, why are we still using flash in e-Symposium?

It is not secure and it takes me more than an hour to get it to work on Firefox (had tried Chrome & Edge but never got it to work).

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Newcomer II

This would be great if installing undocumented software was OK, but in most environments, mine included, the software would have to go through a 6 month long eval process, and it's just not worth it.
Viewer II

As a security association you cannot choose an new provider for content that relies on flash.

I regreat that I shared my personal informaiton with a company that has no understaning about security.

Will delete my account there, fingers crossed they'll know hat least how to do that.


Are the CPEs still submitted when watching webinars on brightalk?

Viewer II

Few more weeks until Flash is EOL, I'm sure the webinars will be converted to HTML5 soon...

Community Manager

Yes, we are working with our webinar partners to address this issue and will ensure our quality webinars will be delivered securely. Stay tuned for more information.  

ISC2 Community Manager
Advocate I

@AndreaMoore wrote:

[snip] and will ensure our quality webinars will be delivered securely [/snip]

So what does this mean about the non-quality webinars ;_-)


Sorry, just a bit of semantic humor. That said, we are an industry flooded by marketing speak as it is.


For the record, Flash is a scary technology, but a large portion of its potential damage ties more broadly to social engineering, browser, and operating system vulnerabilities. If you can be duped into installing a malicious flash update, you can be duped into installing a malicious OS update. If your browser and OS inherently trust code launched by a plugin, you probably have bigger problems than just the plugin. It's nice that with HTML5 we've reached an ebbing in the need for media plugins. That said it's not like Flash was the only thing people ever added to their browsers. In the app-driven mentality of the population today, kids are conditioned from an early age to point, click, download, and install all while clicking OK to any prompt or agreement.

Contributor II

Just thought I'd add my 2 cents. This is exactly why to date I haven't been using any of the 3rd party webinars. And quite frankly was shocked by the use of Flash. Glad to see I wasn't the only one.

Newcomer I


THIS thread is 14 or 15 months old.


We've known for what, 2 or 3 years that Flash was going away? 


It's *always* been a security issue. 

But *NOW* you're working on it? 


There's these people out there called "Computer Information Systems Security Professionals". You should see if you can find some to help you secure your systems. 


I believe whole world already knew that flash is going to die by end of 2020 for many years but still no efforts were made for alternate solution. This will be on of the Best Example (Worst on Security pro) on how to ignore the security risk, and that too by an Organization who teaches security to the whole world. Amazing


Can you share how to get it to work on firefox after install adobe connect?
I installed AC and launched it....the message of meeting input pops up. Stuck here.
FYI, Flash player already un-installed on my mac.