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DevSecOps certification

Hi all,



Can anyone suggest well recognized certification body for DevSecOps?




Chandra Mouli, CISSP, CCSP, CSSLP
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I would also like to know this...
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@iluom wrote:

Can anyone suggest well recognized certification body for DevSecOps?


I like that you regularly seek advice from this community on new questions. Keep it up.

To help you get improved results, consider the following guidelines.


Show you have at least conducted the initial research when you ask for advice here.

Free Research 101:


You have specified two core criteria for your target certification:

  1. DevSecOps,
  2. Well-recognized.

Note that the web search results in fulfilling #1, and you must perform a manual review of the results to apply your own interpretation of #2.

Based on my general knowledge of our field, I see several entries that have potential, but the only one I would consider "well recognized" is SANS.

For this specific case, maybe identify two or three other certification sources beyond SANS in the results and ask if anyone here can discuss experience with those organizations.



Good luck.




D. Cragin Shelton, DSc
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Greetings from Intelligene team,

Has anyone checked the upcoming Cybrary, PracticalDevSecOps or DevOps Institute dates for DevSecOps certification? I'm looking for the best alternative for my employees (we haven't obliged anyone though within my organization to take any paid courses).






Jeff Stark (Intelligene) research papers written by thetermpapers

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Devops Institute offer 4 certifications Foundation and Practitioner in Devops and Devsecops.  A number of providers offer on-line instructor lead training for these certifications (2 days each).


The ISC2 short courses Intergrating Security into Devops,  and Securing Containers at the Speed of DevOps are good too.  

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I have found, building a concept of understanding DEVNET and then run it against the knowledge gained from CISSP and other Security Certifications would be most effective.

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Was not aware about a certification in SecOps till last week. But there is; CDP (Certified Devsecops Professional).

ISC2 also provides a certification on "DevSecOps: Integrating Security into DevOps".

If you are already a member, ISC2 course on SecOps is free and you get 5 CPEs if you pass the exam (Required Score to pass: 70%).

CDP is more of hands-on while ISC2 certification is more of building the strategy for SecOps..


Joseph James

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The value of any cert is in 2 dimensions, what you actually learn in the run up to the exam, and how likely it is the person you are talking to has heard of it, and the reputation of it and the certifying body if they have. As such it is IMHO only worth pursuing certs that tick both boxes. The Cisco DevNet one above is probably the best from that perspective.