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Call For Penetration Testers Or Security Engineers - US DOL Study

Dear Colleagues:


The O*NET Data Collection Program, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, is seeking the input of experts in the following occupations: Penetration Testers and Information Security Engineers. As the nation's most comprehensive source of occupational data, O*NET is a public resource for millions of job seekers, employers, veterans, educators, and students at


You have the opportunity to participate in this important initiative and your participation will help ensure that the complexities of your profession are described accurately in the O*NET database for the American public.


O*NET Description of Penetration Testers: Evaluate network system security by conducting simulated internal and external cyberattacks using adversary tools and techniques. Attempt to breach and exploit critical systems and gain access to sensitive information to assess system security.


O*NET Description of Information Security Engineers: Develop and oversee the implementation of information security procedures and policies. Build, maintain and upgrade security technology, such as firewalls, for the safe use of computer networks and the transmission and retrieval of information. Design and implement appropriate security controls to identify vulnerabilities and protect digital files and electronic infrastructures. Monitor and respond to computer security breaches, viruses, and intrusions, and perform forensic investigation. May oversee the assessment of information security systems.


You are considered an Occupation Expert if you meet the following criteria:


· You fit EITHER one of the role descriptions

· You are currently active in EITHER of these occupations (practicing, supervising, teaching and/or training) and based in the U.S.

· You have at least 5 years of experience with EITHER of these occupations. (Includes those who are now supervising, training, or teaching IF you have at least one year of practice during your career)


How to Participate:


If you meet these criteria and are interested in participating, please contact Matt Robinson at RTI International, the O*NET data collection contractor, at or 919-926-6635. Please provide the following:


· Full Name

· Company Name and Title (please specify which occupation listed above)

· Daytime Phone Number

· Email Address

· Address with City and State


Process and Participation Incentive:


A random sample of experts responding to this request will be invited to complete a set of questionnaires. Experts who are selected and agree to participate will receive $40.00 and an oak-framed certificate of appreciation from the U.S. Department of Labor. We encourage you to consider helping to keep information about your profession accurate and current for the benefit of our colleagues and the nation. Thank you for your support.

2 Replies
Community Champion

Shame on RTI International for collecting vast amounts of PII and bribing respondents to participate. Do they not work to ethical standards? Someone should report them to the AAPOR. I for one will NOT be participating in a study that offers no semblance of privacy to respondents. 



Thank you for your input/concerns. To clarify, I want to stress that we do keep all information on respondents private. Nothing is ever linked back to any individual who replies to this request.

For privacy, I included my direct contact information in the post so volunteers who are interested can contact me and do not have to share their information publicly in this thread. Any information gathered is kept private and will never be shared outside of the O*NET/RTI research team.

We then take a random selection of those who reply based on regional representation of the United States, and reach out to those selected to request voluntary input on the occupation through our questionnaires (

We take an aggregate of responses to update information for profiles of these occupations that focus solely on the knowledge, skills, and abilities it takes to perform these occupations ( The end users are students, veterans, career seekers, and others in the American Public. Again, nothing is ever linked back to any individual and we very much respect your privacy.

Regarding the $40, this is not a bribe, but a token of our appreciation for the time and consideration of those who are interested in providing input. This is part of our research protocol.

I apologize for any confusion, and I hope this helps address your concerns. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions or concerns.