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Hi everyone! 


I am currently interested in earning a certificate in SSCP. I had 1 year and 10 months experience in AC domain but I am no longer with my previous employer. Would I maintain eligibility to take the exam for SSCP by the end of this year?


Please any recommendation and advice will be helpful. 


Thank you!

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ISC2 Team

Hello there!  Thank you for reaching out to us and collaborating in this space.  Your experience as you earn your ISC2 certification is a collective assessment.  Whatever experience you've gained will be counted even if you are no longer employed in the organization.  For more details regarding certification application, please contact  They will also provide information on the associate designation path which is an option for you to consider as you gain the required work experience for your SSCP.  As an associate of ISC2, you are eligible to access member benefits and resources.  If you have any specific questions or need additional details, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly at  Thank you!


Viewer III



Just to clarify, the experience is required for the certificate, not the exam. You can take the exam without the requisite experience. The experience is then required when it comes to the full certification.


With regards to the experience itself, the requirement states that you need one year of cumulative experience in at least one of the domains. I take this to mean that:


1) you don't need to be currently employed in a relevant role, and

2) you don't need to have achieved the required experience in one go; you can obtain it in 'batches' given that it can be cumulative.


Which means that you should be good to go 🙂 (or at least I hope so, because this is the same situation I am in with a few more months under my belt in more domains).


I hope the above helps.


(EDIT: I see that this has already been replied to, but I did not see the reply before posting ... 🙃).

Contributor I

This appears to be a brain dump site of test questions.  Which in my mind is unethical and would be considered cheating.  Maybe I read the site wrong, but always be cautious with the study materials that you are using.  I would expect a user that is working on SSCP to maintain the high ethical standards that would be expected of security professionals.

Contributor I

Looks like the post I was referring to was removed.   Rather than deleting my comment I will leave it because I think the reminder to be ethical in your test preparation is important.  As a security instructor one told a class I was in, he does not think there is such thing as a grey-hat hacker, in his opinion, once you have crossed the line and accessed data without permission, be it seemingly for altruistic reasons or not, you have crossed that ethical line.  IMO, I believe the same is true for studying, once you have crossed the line to questionable study materials, it is a short journey to more obvious methods of cheating

Community Champion

@Brewdawg wrote:

Looks like the post I was referring to was removed.  

Yep.  you too can report things like this to the "authorities" by pulling down the three dot icon next to the offending message and selecting "report inappropriate content".  Generally disappears the next business morning.  no comment as to how I know this :-).