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Newcomer II

ISC2 Course: GDPR for Security Professionals - A Framework for Success

Great opportunity for members: GDPR Professional Development and CPEs:

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Newcomer III

Is there a trick for signing up?  The course description indicates the training is free for ISC2 members, but it is asking for a credit card to take the class all the way through to the checkout process.

Andrea Stansbury- CISSP
Newcomer II

I wonder if ISC2 will offer a course: CCPA for Security Professionals - A Framework for Success.


Maybe not, because CCPA is a state law as opposed to a continent, but California has more economic prowess than most countries of the world. So, maybe so?


I only ask because I am asked just as much about CCPA implications as I am about GDPR.... even by ISC2 certified professionals and CIPP, and ISACA, etc.

Contributor II

Andrea - I just went through the class, but was not asked to provide payment info.    Perhaps contact (ISC)2 for a hand?

Viewer II

I'm having the same problem.

Setor de Segurança da Informação - SESI (Information Security Sector)
Tribunal Regional do Trabalho da 21ª Região
Newcomer II

Hi there,

do you think (ISC)^2 will ever update the course? Right now it has a lot of apparently outdated materials, even reffering to some parts of GDPR as "once it takes effect", despite the directive being in place and enforceable since May 2018.

Newcomer II

What other inconsistencies did you identify outside of the implementation date having already passed? If there are many, then "ever" in the future is likely to happen. But if not many inconsistencies, then I kind of hope they don't bother with it, outside of easy edits to text (and maybe audio). I hope they prepare for courses on the United States legislative pipeline of related laws.

But yes, its hard to disagree that updating the course to reflect that it is already implemented is a fine thing to do. I'm also proud that they were able to get it produced prior to the release date. Any future courses they provide prior to release dates will inevitably face the same problem.

But what other inconsistencies did you identify? 

Viewer II

Was stuck by Module 4 Immersive Exercise: Episode 4 Applying the Framework Question 1, arrange these tasks in the most logical order.


Have tried many times. But all failed.


Anyone can advise me the correct order and why?



Community Champion

I have taken the course some time ago, and I cannot remember the module / question that you are referencing. Do not post it, as (ISC)2 might take issue with that. But the only advice that I can give you is to write down that stuck point, go back over the material, and make not of it if it comes up in the test engine again. The answers are all there, albeit they may be a little fuzzy here and there. But that's how you get through it.

Lamont Robertson
Community Champion


@JD_CHN, I found that the course had a lot of errors --- at least it did when I took it --- so it's quite possible that there are some in the test portion as well.


If you've tried ALL combinations when arranging the options for this question but your response was marked as incorrect each time, report it to the site's support for assistance, and they'll resolve an error if there is one.




Shannon D'Cruz,
Contributor I

Was it ever determined if this was a technical glitch? I too tried every combination possible and all failed. That's in addition to being pretty certain what the correct order should be.