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Unable to make Annual maintenance fee payment



After finishing my CC exam I receive a confirmation that I pass. the exam, I need to follow 2 step to get my certification the second step pass without issue the third step regarding AMF payment since 01 may don't work can you please support.

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Newcomer II

First, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You Did IT!  Great Accomplishment!



Relax, You have 90 days.

Do reach out to for help.

Also ask friends, relatives, and acquaintances you know to chip in a dollar.

I use to do a lot of fund raising for charity and you can easily acquire what you need this way.

If you still haven't found enough, then definitely reach out and ask for an extension.


ISC2 Chapters

This is also a good time look up ISC2 Chapters.  Know you can also join more than one.

Perhaps you can do some volunteer work that will earn donations towards your fees.


Lots of Free CPEs

Free CPEs to learn, grow and protect become free after you pay as well.  

So while you are collecting money, get to know the sight by making a site map.

Investigate all the avenues and ways you have to grow.

Cybersecurity is a LARGE field and the specialties are all very different. 

Here are some concentrations to research:


  • Computer Forensic Investigation and Incident Response Team Management
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection and Cyber Crime
  • Cyber Law and International Perspectives on Cyberspace
  • Project Management
  • Procurement and Government Contract Management
  • Vulnerability Management

Welcome to the club.  Now just time to experience and find where your passions reside.

Best of Luck! w/r EE.L



w/r MLH
Community Manager

Hello! We'd recommend you reach out directly to our support team via so they can assist you with your AMF!