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Test Centre Didnt Allow Me to take my CISSP Scheduled EXAM - NEED HELP from ISC2

Dear ISC2,


It was a very stressful day, I thought I was only thinking for my exam but I had an issue with the Test Centre.


Just to give a background from what was happening.


March 26, 2018, 12:30PM was my exam schedule.


9:00AM - arrived at Pearson Test Center at 51 Cuppage Road Singapore

               (need to make it sure that everything is alright that there will be no hassle or delay in taking the exam in terms of transportation).

             - Test Centre told me that you are so early for your exam pls come back at 12:00PM.

             - They were also a bit busy and trying to understand their situation.

12:00PM - I just came back 12PM and started to submit everything including my IDs.



           - I submitted my Singapore ID as my primary ID ( the only Singapore govt ID I had)

           - submitted my 2nd ID, which is my staff ID to match my name indicated in the primary ID.

           - Test centre rejected then i present my Philippine govt issue ID(same name with my primary ID) but still rejected since it was not coming from Singapore govt.



           - I didn't bring my passport since in the notion that I had enough IDs. I took exams like Cisco and SANS GSEC, I normally didn't bring the passport since I have a lot of official IDs.

           - I ask them if my wife can bring the passport within 45minutes but didn't allowed since only 15mins left remaining.





           - showing also my ATM or credit card, just happen that the name doesn't match to the primary ID.

           - normally printed was my firstname only or my nickname as seen in the attached file.

           - Then the local manager insisted that my name was mismatched from the Credit Card. But I keep telling that I have other IDs that were matched


Calling Hotline of Pearson:

        - my first call to 8004481552, said asking if they allow my 2nd ID as my staff ID or Philippine govt ID which was match to the primary ID. The lady on the phone around 12:30PM said it was ok since my name was matched.

        - Local Test Center Manager didn't agree since it requires govt ID from Singapore and my credit cards name were mismatch to 1st ID. normally credit card name indicated were firstname and nickname.

        - Take note that I only have 1 ID issued by Singapore govt.


Calling ISC2 Hongkong:

        - calling ISC2 hongkong to +8522-8506951 many times and luckily I had a talk with Ms. Winnie Yau then I told her what happened over the phone that my ID matched with the primary ID.

        - The test center manager insisting that there was a mismatch since she was using my credit card name not my staff ID or my Philippine govt ID.

        - Winnie Yau told me that she haven't seen any photo of my IDs so better to send it via email.

        - to take the exam was too late since it's around 2PM.


Calling also my CISSP Instructor:

      - he just tried to comfort me and let God be your source and not from that lady.


After about a week my ISC2  profile status stated was "NO SHOW" (so sad since I was thinking of this for the last 3 months after I schedule the exam).

I am not asking for anything, I just want to take exam before Apr. 15.

I believe you knew how much sacrifices for a CISSP aspirant to prepare for this exam.



Wishing for your KIND attention on this matter. 




2 Replies
Community Champion

A few things.


First, this is a community chat room.  You are airing your grievances to your (future) peers.  Although sympathetic, we are not empowered to change anything.  I recommend directly contacting (ISC)² Member services ( or continuing to work through your current (ISC)² contact, Ms. Yau.


Second, it might be best to start by rereading the rules ( and objectively determining if you did or did not comply.  If you complied, it is entirely reasonable to send (ISC)² a photocopy of the IDs that you used (blacking out any sensitive information, such as credit card numbers) and ask that they allow you to reschedule without additional fee.  If you were in error, be honest about it, apologize, and ask about the best way to resolve the issue, being prepared to accept the fact that you may have to again pay the testing fee.


Third, before sending an email to member support, you might consider asking a trusted colleague to review it for tone, clarity and intent. As you work towards the necessary CISSP endorsement experience, you will likely learn that a positive approach is the single best way to "sell" your solution. An English proverb sums it up nicely, You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.



@rohntolentino I'm sorry to hear you were not able to test on March 26, 2018. I see that Winnie was able to assist and resolve your case. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a DM or email at


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance