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Defender I

Ridiculous Community Censorship

I just posted a reply in the thread Is SMS 2FA Sufficient Login Protection ?


However, before the Community site allowed the post, i had to remove one identified “bad word” from the content: p0?# (only actually spelled out). I substituted “adult entertainment magazines and videos” for that word and the post was allowed.


You have got to be kidding me! 

Who in the world populated the “bad words” filter list for the site, and what do they think they are protecting us from ?


Focusing on the specific case, neither p0?# nor p0?#ography are inappropriate words, even though content that meets the definition of such may be improper here. In fact, in the infosec business we have specific need to discuss how to establish enterprise policies against p0?# in the workplace, how to enforce such policies, as well as how to inspect and filter for p0?3ography at network boundaries and inside enterprise data storage.

Come on, folks, how about the site administrators acting like professionals here and also treating the community members as professionals!

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@j_M007 wrote:
Hi Flyslinger2:

I'm surprised by your antipathy.

The best way to improve the site is to keep posting. In fact, you've contributed quite a number of useful comments, so I hope you'll continue.


Not antipathy. Just a bad hair day-I have none which makes it worse.

Thanks for the kind words.  I'm not going anywhere.