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Physical Security in Our Cyber-World – “ DRONES” for Public Surveillance

Physical Security in Our Cyber-World – “ DRONES”  for Public Surveillance

Using DRONES for surveillance when major event take place in our community


Before continuing Please provide comments and suggestion with comment accord to safe and protect our love ones and our community.



 Have you noticed that Each time a president is going to be in a specific location in certain time and date, There is always a high visibility of local forces in that location longtime ahead before the president arrives in that Location.


How about if we use the same approach when major events take place in our community or cityI bet bad guys will think twice before posing any threat) But instead of using local police only,  we should also utilize “drones “ .      


In era of advanced Information technology /Cybersecurity we should now consider thinking outside the Box.


Side note: It’s very sad when your love one says “see you later” But she never came back home and you know deep inside you that you will never see him/her again!!     That hurt!   But we can do something about it.

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Community Champion

Drones are already being used in isolation.


Regards, a mass drone army that was co-ordinated, I'd be careful what you wish for.


I would be very reluctant to give up self-determination. Moreover, the idea that a pervasive Safety as as Service delivered via robots from an Authority to make me and mine safe would be a good thing for humanity is I think is a non sequitur. It's likely to colletively infantilize us. 


You can't have zero risk, and everybody you know will die(yes even you t+ people, unless you have a cure for entropy - in which case I'll upload via my neural lace right away, wouldn't want to run on old hardware...).


It's probably going to hurt when we experience loss, but to build societal instrumentation that is designed to surveil, control and coerce because we're scared is a stretch, at least until the threat is greater than heart disease, cancer and chronic respiratory ailments.