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Cyber security and physical Security - LET'S GET SERIOUS !!

IN today Security  it's important to understand and be aware of "the closes tie between the

 cyber security and physical security.

My focus today is to talk about Physical Security in this first post.  The second post will provide details instructions including tips and tricks so that we can protect ourselves, our love ones and our assets.


Note. All questions are welcome.


Here are few horible consequences of ignoring or not considering physical security.

* Physical intruder ---               a bad person entering an unauthorized area could cause severe damage.

* death/Terrorist ----------- a bad person entering a public place can drop an explosive and kill people 


In last years around the world there have been several physical security breach causing death and infrastructure damage.


here are few example.

 In France: 

Example 01  Attack type:  Vehicle ramming  86 people killed   434 injured     description: A 19 tonne cargo truck was deliberately driven into crowds celebrating Bastille Day on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice


In United State:

Example 02 - attack type: Vehicle ramming  8 people killed and 12 injured

Example 03 - attack type: mass shooting in Orlando Florida during concert killing at least 58 people and many injured

Example 04- attack type:  mass shooting in Texas in Church killing 26 family people men and women and innocent people and maybe injured.


OK.. enough of a bad news BUT Lets all use our brain as Information security people and find  solutions to protect ourselves and our love ones. 


Please based on examples above... you suggestions are appreciate. 

here is how you should suggest. ( e.g  based on the example-01    my recommendation are ... )



Thank you 


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Community Champion

Lightheartedly(and in opposition to the caps in the subject) I've always mentally files physical security under 'Guns and Dogs', but yes it's much broader than that. So further thoughts...


I think that physical security is a case of getting the proportion correct, and environmental design plays a huge part in this. The people operating physical security and controls tend(not always) to be considered 'blue collar'.


IT Security tends to focus on systems and data, gets technical quickly and can leave most people behind as it get's quite esoteric quickly.   


IoT, OT and good intelligence(understanding and intervention early) provide some of the best options to combine the two realms. The human factor in both cases is very important.


Ensuring that society provides the best life chances to people, and if society is interested in the people that make it up we'll see a long term reduction in atrocities. This will take time and good communications and response to the worst actors is essential, but these have to be fair and seen to be so.


Bruce Schneier's ideas on 'Security Theatre' are excellent places to start:


To quote Frank Herbert '...Fear is the mind-killer...'


Lastly as I referenced the 'Human Factor' I'll include David Lacey, who said my favorite thing ever:


'A good, modern security architecture is ragged around the edges, full of holes and exists largely in the minds of practitioners.'


It's very appropriate if you consider that the problem is mostly about changing minds.