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Newcomer II

No Response from ISC(2)



I have had the occasion to write to twice since becoming a member in December 2018. They did not respond to either of my inquiries. I checked my"Junk" folder to ensure the messsages did not end up there.  I realize I have the option of calling, but  at those particular times it was more convienent for me to write as I was on a plane in-flight.  It's kind of annoying that I didn't get a response. I have not had an issue with anyone else receiving my emails - at least not that I am aware of. 

Christopher Puckett, MSIA, CISSP
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@Shahid_Ch Please email me directly with any issues and I will be happy to assist. Please use your primary email on file and your member ID number.


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance

Community Champion


@Shahid_Ch, also ensure that you've kept records of all your correspondence with them during the appeal process --- such as emails, chat transcripts, etc --- 'coz you'd want to facilitate it to show that you didn't get a timely / satisfactory response. Present what you've got with a time-line, to emphasize on it. Good luck...





Shannon D'Cruz,
Newcomer I

I'm going to air in on this as well...I emailed on 8 May 2019 regarding the status of my CAP exam, endorsement, and certification approval timeline. As of this post, no response.


The impetus behind my email was due to an inquiry from from my DoD KO and COR (contracting officer/rep) as to when my certification would be approved...the certification is a DoD contract requirement under 8140.01 and 8570.01-M for an IAM Level II role. Needless to state, telling my KO/COR I do not not have a response from (ISC)2 is not the most comfortable conversation, especially when my contract CPARS ratings are just a few days away. To top it off, I have an RMF ATO pending approval in the next 1 - 2 weeks for a system owned and operated by my company on behalf of DoD.


While I can appreciate that the exam review and endorsement process can take a bit of time, what I cannot understand is why a simple acknowledgement of my email could not occur within 24 hours. 



Scott P. Nicholson, MSM, CAP, RDRP
Community Champion

I won't even waste my time trying to contact ISC2 using the generic member support email. The mailbox must be overflowing with people complaining about the multitude of issues ISC2's systems are currently experiencing. Since they removed the support chat function from the member portal you really need to call them and persevere with trying to speak with someone directly - leaving a voicemail gets the same level of response as emailing them.


Alternatively, if you mention one of the admins or moderators on here using the "@name" forum syntax that will notify them and they often offer to look into things for you. You can see Amanda offered to do this a few posts above. However, this is not a sustainable support model and is unfair on the forum employees so I try not to do this so often.


In terms of endorsement timelines, I suspect the email you received would have stated 8 weeks. ISC2 had been working to reduce this timeline down and the last reported wait time was 6 weeks and 3 days:


Given that last report was from a few months ago and the times were coming down it's not unreasonable to assume the queue length should be around 4 weeks by now. In fact I submitted my ISSMP endorsement this morning and the confirmation email stated it would be 4 weeks. However, I have been waiting for my ISSAP endorsement for close to 6 weeks now so that seems a bit strange to me even though the ISSAP confirmation email stated 8 weeks.