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Viewer II

Is the CPE Portal down?

I cannot access the CPE Portal,, at all over the last two days.  The page header and footer load, but the middle page section just shows the CPE Handbook and FAQs buttons with two green arrows circling over the word LOADING...  I have tried three different browsers with the same results. I need some help to submit my CPEs.

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Hello David,


Thank you for your inquiry and I apologize for the inconvenience. Please know, this is a known issue with some members and we are working to locate the source of the issue. We should have this resolved shortly; however, I do not have an exact ETA. 


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance

Also having this problem as well-- this is annoying when the previous CPE portal was functional and easy to use.

Newcomer III

Hello, I'm also having the same just started like couple of days ago.   Please help...

Newcomer I

Ouch.  I started getting that error a week or so ago. Sounds like it's been going on for a while.


I'll put in a ticket, but if there are any known timelines to get this all resolved, let me know.


I keep a spreadsheet for audit purposes anyway, so I'll just keep track of activities there until it gets fixed.  I won't bother venting about the new CPE portal page, since there seem to be a few threads about that on here and Reddit.




Newcomer I

I'm another user who is having problems--just started earlier this week.


ISC2's website has always been...less than I expect from a professional organization and it's not getting better (why is it EVERY SINGLE TIME I come to ISC2's website I have to acknowlege that they use cookies. Set the freaken cookie that I acknowledged it AND STOP BOTHERING ME.)


Add another one to this list .  Tried on both IE 11 and Chrome.  Both load the header/footer info, but get the 'loading' circle that never loads anything.



Same here, for the past couple of days.


I am also having the same issue. I have tried to submit CPE's for last couple weeks with no success. 


ISC2 Former Staff

Hello everyone, 


We are currently working to resolve technical issues that may impact your ability to access/update your account or submit CPEs. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you require immediate assistance, please contact Member Services



Samantha O'Connor
(ISC)² Online Community Manager