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ISC2 Dropping the Ball - Embarrasing Customer Support

Three weeks in and I still can't submit an endorsement application.  Despite promises to communicate with me when things are fixed, no communication, and the "fixes" involve me losing access to all prior content - posts in here and my saved (but not submittable) endorsement application.


Thanks, ISC2 - you've really dropped the ball and led me to question the pedestal I put you on.  It's utterly embarrassing (or should be, if you're in a position of responsibility at ISC2).  Where does the $700 in test fees and the $125 in annual fees go to?  Does someone there have an amazing yacht?


Please don't bother suggesting I email anyone - they don't respond.

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Newcomer I

Yeah, agreed. Member support email seems to be in pretty bad shape these days.  They take weeks to return an email and when they do answer I usually receive something close to a copy/paste from the FAQ that doesn't really address or solve the problem. I've had an open CPE issue for 2 months and have mostly given up that email based member support is even interested.  I would think a trouble ticketing system with escalation SLAs that members can access via a portal probably needs to be put into place soon. Email support alone just is not able to keep up anymore

Community Champion



@more-lame, you're absolutely right --- & further to dropping the ball, they'll probably be losing the game as well.


While member support itself is probably at it's worst right now --- assuming it isn't going to drop any further --- the community moderators have been very helpful when it comes to assisting members, so you could try emailing them here to get any issue resolved.


Contact @Kaity@SamanthaO_isc2@amandavanceISC2 or @Jarred_LeFebvre




And last but not least, welcome to the club... Man Wink






Shannon D'Cruz,

@more-lame Thank you for bringing this to my attention. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please email me directly at


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance

Newcomer I

As of today, it's now been 4 weeks since I passed my certification test, but I still can't submit my endorsement application.  Is it not possible for someone there to "own" an issue and get it resolved in a timely manner?


Or does simply no one care?


What sucks is that ISC2 has managed to effectively market this certification as a requirement for many roles or employers or industries, but then falls flat on its face when it comes to handling the process of certifying people.


Just embarrassing (as is my apparent misspelling in the title).

Newcomer I

Hello?  Anyone from ISC2 want to actually respond?  It's been two weeks since one of your reps emailed me to tell me you were waiting on an update from the "technical team".


I passed the test on July 26.  It's September 3 and I have no idea what is going on with my account or my endorsement application.  It shouldn't be this way.




What exactly does this screenshot indicate, since I have already successfully submitted an endorsement application and my endorser confirmed they approved it or submitted it back to ISC2 for final review/approval?  Shouldn't it show the current status of my endorsement application?


Shouldn't I get an email confirming my endorser endorsed the application?  They did so almost a week ago now...