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Exam cancellation



my CCSP exam just got cancelled, was due to take early next month at Holborn, London. I see that site has voluntarily closed which although frustrating I of course understand.


however the email reads as if I’d cancelled the exam, understand a generic automated email BUT mentions 100 dollar cancellation fee! I trust this will not be the case and I will get the full refund? Also a little disappointed I wasn’t given the option to reschedule or to take at another testing centre... Holborn is the only one fully closed so surely Pearson vue could have offered to reallocate me to somewhere else?

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Community Champion

@AndreaMoore, can you confirm that reschedule fees will be waived?  

Community Manager

@Rossva I'll check with our PearsonVue reps for you. 


@denbesten thanks for tagging me so I can try to help.

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Community Manager



I found this information on the Pearson Vue website for you.


I clicked on the FAQ button which will take you to this page:


Q.Will I get a refund if my exam is canceled?

A.If your exam payment was processed through Pearson VUE, you will receive a full refund, regardless of cancellation window.

Candidates whose exam payment was processed through their exam sponsor will either receive a refund or an extension as determined by exam sponsor.







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Many thanks - sorry i didn't have time earlier to go through their website, was just responding to the email i got sent where it said there will be the $100 cancellation fee - but guess that's just because it was an automated email off the back of a process. I appreciate the confirm.

Community Manager

Understandable. Good luck on your exam whenever it is in the future. 

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Hi all just an update on the situation in California.

My exam is again cancelled by VUE and moved again into the far end future... It is really not easy for us right now to learn, practice and keep the knowledge for additional months. Also, the only available dates are not acceptable since only late evening or early morning is available right now. Since I am doing it now the second time - first time I traveled 500 miles into another state because of the cancelation, had a horrible night and failed early in the morning (cost 1000.- USD for nothing), I was really happy with the new appointment - till they again canceled it. Btw. reschedule of the appointment is not for free since they want 50 $ for that... I already complained on this fact...

Why is it not possible to do it online? We are all spending a lot really a lot of money to get certified and pushing us back is not helpful. I understand the fact that onside is more secure but having no option to take the test plus already spend a few thousand dollars on my own is bringing me down...

Today no further learning day since I am really disappointed.....

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> H3rb13 (Viewer) posted a new reply in Member Support on 01-17-2021 03:27 PM in

> It is really not easy
> for us right now to learn, practice and keep the knowledge for additional
> months.

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