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Digital Badges on Acclaim

Hi I just received my congratulations email for my CCSP certification.  When I log on the ISC2 home page, I now see both my certifications (CISSP & CCSP).  When I log into Acclaim, I only see my CISSP badge.


I have enabled Auto-Accept from ISC2.


Am I doing something wrong or just being a Veruca Salt (I want it NOW!!!! Smiley LOL)


How long does it take for ISC2 to push the badge to Acclaim?  When should I raise the issue with them?



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BadgesWe don't need no badges ...


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Newcomer II

@rslade Wrong badge.


Acclaim is a third party which provides verification of your certificates.


When I make a claim of CISSP, CSSP and AWS certificates, these third parties provide a link to provide verification of each cert.  You can provide these on LinkedIn and other social media.




Yes, we need those stinkin' badges.

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About a week. I couldn’t find it on the website either, so I sent an email to ISC2. I got the badge after 6 days or so.

And yes, we do need those badges.
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The definitive statement:


but we also need




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@Gary23 Congratulations on obtaining the CCSP! To confirm, it can take about a week or two before the Acclaim badge is sent to you. If you do not receive it within 2 weeks, please email


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance

Newcomer II

I noticed my Badge on Acclaim expired on 31 October 2019. This was the date I needed to have completed 120 CPE's. I did complete the CPE's, but submitted them after 31 October.

Is there a way to correct this?

Community Champion

Yeah, it's crazy, but it seems there's some manual intervention required to update an Acclaim badge after your certification has been renewed - contact Member Services using the links you can find at the bottom of this site or the main ISC2 site.