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Crap Support

I passed my certification beginning of April, sent in the documentation required by the first week of May, let my endorser know about it and they did everything on their side right away. It's been about 6 weeks since that, and the initial email said there would be a response in 4 weeks.


I have sent an email to the member support, tried contacting an admin in the forums via email, and placed a phone call. It's been well over 72 hours and all I want to know is what is the status of my certification since my job relies on me getting that piece of paper even though I already passed. 

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Contributor II

I fully understand your angst in this.


For someone just starting out in your field of certification, it is unbearably annoying to have to wait and wait on things that should be simple and straight forward.


I can tell you though, that you will get the papers you are so eagerly waiting for. And you will get them every time you renew your membership and stay up to date on your CPE's.


The support is indeed....slow. In many ways and shapes, and it's not gotten any better over the last few years, in fact, it's gotten worse.


Many of us are hoping that things will improve, after all, how hard can it be to authorize someone and send out the papers, or answer an email or a phone.


Congratulations on passing.


And I hope what you need, gets to you ASAP.


Mike Glassman, CISSP
Iguana man
Community Champion

The support used to be very good. It's only been very bad since the disastrous digital transformation of all ISC2's systems, as well as the confusion around the AMF policy changes / increase, left everyone needing to contact support every 5 mins meaning they are now overwhelmed and take 4 weeks to respond to emails and voicemails.


The endorsement queue is running at around 7 weeks. I did wonder why they changed their notifications to say 4 weeks instead of the 8 they were previously quoting when they were nowhere near being able to meet the 4 week estimate?!