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Viewer II


I already have my CISSP and recently passed the CCSP exam but after I submitted my endorsement I got an email that I’ve been randomly selected for an audit. Shouldn’t having the CISSP waive off the experience requirements and can I submit my cissp cert as proof to satisfy the audit requirements?
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Contributor I

This is kinda topical for me in that I passed my CCSP a couple days ago, and just yesterday submitted for endorsement. When I did that though I got a message something along the lines of because I already had the CISSP, I don't need do anything further. So that does tie in with your thinking I guess.


Looking here it does state "(ISC)²’s CISSP credential can be substituted for the entire CCSP experience requirement." So i'm not sure what's going on in your case, I'd email the member support guys if I were you.


Hope you get sorted OK.

Newcomer III

Key word here is random. You were selected at random for the audit. I hear they do this from time to time to inspect and validate. For you it might be as simple as checking your current certification. Sounds like an easy audit. 🙂 

Contributor II

@hafzamajeed Congratulations on passing your CCSP exam!

As you may know, any endorsement application can be selected for random audit.  For the audit, you'll need to submit a consent form. Once this audit consent form is received, the audit will close as passed because you are a current CISSP holder.  So, the endorsement audit requirements are not technically "waived" because you hold CISSP.  It just makes the endorsement audit process very simple.


Tony Shiver

Manager, Member Services

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Newcomer I

I just passed my CCSP exam this last Wednesday, and submitted my endorsement yesterday. Like you, this compliments my active CISSP credential.  How long did you wait after submitting your endorsement before you receive CCSP status?  Was it 4 - 6 weeks as they say?