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Newcomer I

Can not access CPE Portal or download Digital Cert SAML error

Hello, it seems this is a very common problem, as many members are getting blocked by this.

Can you advise how to correct this? I've opened a ticket as well and have not heard back.


Single Sign-On Error We can't log you in. Check for an invalid assertion in the SAML Assertion Validator (available in Single Sign-On Settings) or check the login history for failed logins

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Newcomer I

I'm getting the same thing regardless of which device I use.  I am new to this and I don't know who to contact for help.  I keep reporting to member services but so far I've received no help to resolve the issue nor do they seem to have an option to submit CPE credits that are not automatic.  Very frustrating.  A co worker logged in and got to the CPE credits place with no problem, but we could not log me in even using the same surface he was using.  I don't understand why it works for some and not for others.  At this rate, I can only get all of my CPE hours with automatic credits and It is a massive waste of time since I have to attend seminars and conferences that would qualify for both A and B credits annually.  


Any useful suggestions are greatly appreciated. 


@kloset & @PW2 - Thank you for your inquiry. @PW2 I have responded to two other posts with instructions to resolve these issues. Please feel free to email me directly and I will be happy to resolve these issues for you both. 


For the SAML SSO error, I will need each of you to submit to me an email from your primary email address on file and include your member ID number. Please also write in the body that you are receiving the SSO error. This is a simple fix from our IT team, but I will need to submit a ticket to have this resolved. Once I receive a confirmation that these have been resolved, I will reach out individually to confirm and you may then submit CPEs, or download your certificate. 


* Please note, your digital certificate will not be available to you until your cycle start date.


To submit CPEs that are marked as automatic, please submit manually using the instructions listed below if you do not see the CPEs in your account within 5-7 business days. To confirm, you can claim CPEs for any opportunities (seminars, conferences, webinars, podcasts, unique work projects, etc...) that are related to the domains of your certification (Group A) or professional development (Group B). You do not have to just use the automated CPE reporting opportunities to meet your requirements. 


  • Enter begin/end date
  • Select 'No' to (ISC)² sponsored event (even if it is, always check no)
  • Education (tab)
    • 'Online webinars, podcasts and other online training'
      • eSymposium - 3 CPEs
      • InfoSecurity Professional Magazine - 2 CPEs
      • Webinars, podcasts, etc.. - 1 CPE per hour of attendance

Best Regards,

Amanda Vance