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Newcomer I

CPE issues and no response from member support

Hi Everyone.


I think i am another member frustrated


I have tried to contact member support a number of times and still have not yet gotten a response.


I am having issues when trying to register my CPE´s from Webcasts and Personal Blog Articles.


All my maintenance fees are ok, but i have registered 120 CPE´s from articles and webcasts and it only shows credits from 2017. And only 8 fo them.


When i try to call ISC2 member support and member support latam, i only reach voice mail.


Can someone please help me get this resolved?

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Newcomer I

@Shannon @Jarred_LeFebvre @SamanthaO_isc2 


I think ISC2 and the last attendants are getting it all wrong.


I have complied with all CPEs in the first place. I have done it.


ISC2 who lost.


Since I had to do it all over again, all the CPEs, all 114 I've registered several times, I think more than five times are dated June 21, 2019.


But they do not understand this, and apparently do not give about the case.



Newcomer I

@Shannon @Jarred_LeFebvre @SamanthaO_isc2


Please help.



If i dont receive and e-mail from ISC2 stating the problem like Claudia and Cedrick said, i will lose my contract.


Please help

Community Manager



I believe an email has been sent to you from Member Services clarifying your membership status for your employer while the team continues to assist with your CPE submissions. We hope this helps.  

Newcomer I



I just received and they said that on August 15h everything will be resolved.


I will be waiting 


Thank you very very much

Newcomer I

@Jarred_LeFebvre @SamanthaO_isc2 @Shannon 


Guys, good afternoon


Here in Brazil is 4:50 PM


I just talked to Rene and Cedrick.


Unfortunately all CPEs sent from webcasts had the wrong viewing time. For example if the webcast has 60 minutes, my certificate show only 1 minute, in all.


So what I did, I'm in contact with BrightTalk to get everything sorted out. However, I have already been able to resubmit from some webcasts.


In parallel, I found some course certificates, certifications made, as well as articles from my blog and submitted.


I just emailed Rene and Cedrick to confirm that it is viewable to them. Because I can't see anything but the hours of pending CPEs.


I was just told that they will no longer register anything manually for me and that I use my professional judgment to launch.


I hope they give me feedback on this.


One more thing, i am still unable to reach LATAM office by phone or e-mail.


@telesguilherme Thank you for the detailed information and I apologize you have not received a response. I can confirm all CPEs have been submitted and am working with Jonathan to have these approved tomorrow. I will have Jonathan reach out as soon as all CPEs have been approved back-end.


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance

Newcomer I



Thank you very much.


The main point to be showed here is the time, and the effort that we all are trying for the initial lack of response from Latam Support and also the HQ Member Services.


Only when i reached all the community here, things started at a more fast pace.


But unfortunately for me, i lost my contract.

Newcomer I

@amandavanceISC2 @Jarred_LeFebvre @SamanthaO_isc2 @Shannon 


Hi all,


I received an email from Claudia, the point of contact here in Brazil. 


She will be calling me this morning, ate 10:30am (local time BR).


I will return to you guys about the update on missing CPE (to see the difference between yesterday CPE registered and today).


Thanks a lot for everything.

Newcomer I

Hey guys,


I just received this e-mail: (VERY HAPPY)


Hello Jose Guilherme,

We have reviewed and accepted your eligible CPEs from your most recent three year cycle and applied them to the term ending 28 Feb, 2019. Your certification should renew 15 Aug, 2019.

Jonathan Sutorus
Member Services
(ISC)², Inc.
311 Park Place Blvd, Suite 400
Clearwater, FL 33759
United States

Newcomer I

Dear all


@amandavanceISC2 @Jarred_LeFebvre @Shannon @SamanthaO_isc2 @denbesten 


New cycle certificate was issued