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CISSP welcome kit not received



I've been certified since 4th february 2020 (it's about 17 weeks from now) and I still waiting my welcome kit...
I know that, with the COVID-19 situation, things should take more time than expected, but I miss my "CISSP pin" (and ID Card also, but this is less than THE mighty pin :D)


Is someone can tell me if this delay is normal (according to COVID situation) or if something is going very bad on the post offices?



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ISC2 Team

I thank you for sharing that you reached out to our EMEA office. I can confirm that our EMEA office responded to you via email on 02/15/2021.
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I cleared the exam on 26th November 2020, I can see my certificate on isc2 site but I am yet to receive the welcome kit.

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@chintankhokhani If you haven't already, please contact Member Services and one of our Member Support Coordinators will help you with your membership kit.

Tony Shiver
Manager, Member Services

For questions or issues related to candidate/member services, please contact:
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I also have the same Issue , I have complete my Endorsement Process and sent Multiple Emails to ISC2 Support for shipping my Hard Copy Certificate.

I am still waiting for this.

My CISSP Candidate ID is : 617025

Name Mustafa Aamir

Region Middle East.


Appreciate some support on this from ISC2.


Thank You!


Community Champion

@Mustafa_Aamir  The best skill we may have is patience... It will come...


I guess they should but a pinned message for this topic.


Has it been at least 8 weeks?


If it has then yes, contact support, if it has not, patience.


We are only the community here and there is nothing we can do but understand.


Granted there are admin who watch this but normally going direct is always best, as you said you have done.


The only thing I can say is...


Welcome and we are glad you are here!