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Newcomer I

CISSP: Provisionally Passed, But No email of results


On  June 1st, 2019, I have provisionally Passed the CISSP exam.

However,  I did not receive any email that confirms the result.

I have sent a couple of emails to member support, no response yet. Any advice?



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Community Champion

You've been waiting 17 days?! You have the patience of a saint!


I would check to see if you can submit your endorsement application:


If you get an error about needing to have passed the exam in the last 9 months it means you need to contact support.


Emails and voicemails are subject to about a 4 week response time due to high volumes of people needing assistance.


To get a fast response from support either call out their poor service on Twitter, or phone them and and keep calling until you actually speak to someone - I find the best time to call is first thing in the morning.


Alternatively, you can ask one of the forum admins / mods for assistance:






Newcomer I

Thanks @AlecTrevelyan  for your reply.

Although Patience is a virtue, I am working on getting over my systematic compliance (Patience ) by humanizing myself. Sainthood is a much higher stage and a long way though.


Here is some background, during then past three weeks, before I submit this thread.

I  have tried to submit the endorsement application, and got the error message that asks me to pass the exam first. "

  • You must have passed the certification exam within the last 9 months. Contact (ISC)² Member Services at for additional information.​"

I sent couple of emails to, I called Candidates and Members services 1-866 line, I've even sent an email to one of the admins.


I will try your suggestions next and will also reach out to some of the contacts on linkedin.


@amandavanceISC2 @Caridad @SamanthaO_isc2  any suggestion?


Appreciate the help.




Community Champion

(ISC)2 has to wait for the testing service to notify them the results and that as I understand it can take 3 - 5 business days.


So the right folks have been (as it were) cc'd.


Hopefully you will here something soon.





@GhaziWadi I apologize for the delay. I have responded to your direct email that was sent.


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance

Newcomer I

Thanks @amandavanceISC2,

The issue is resolved, I was able to submit the endorsement application and was endorsed successfully. Looking forward to the completion of the application review process.

I highly appreciate the valuable support I received both online and by phone.



Newcomer I

Hi Amanda,


I have provisionally passed the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) examination on February 27, 2021‎ . However I have also not received any email that confirms the result. I have also sent emails to member support, no response yet. Please help.

ISC2 ID : 813216
Email :

ISC2 Team

Typically it does take just a few days for (ISC)2 to receive exam results from Pearson Vue. However, there are times when it takes longer. Please refer to for more information:

Receiving Your Results
(ISC)² conducts a thorough statistical and psychometric analysis of the score data to establish the pass/fail score before releasing scores. We need a minimum number of test takers before this analysis can be completed.

Depending on the volume of test takers for a given test, there may be times when scores are delayed for approximately six to eight weeks to complete this critical process.

We appreciate your patience during this process. Once it's complete, you'll hear from us.

Michael Thomas
Supervisor, Member Services
Newcomer II

@mtheo @amandavanceISC2 


Hi I have given my exam on 16th April 2021 and but still i have not received any mail yet.


Please help me in that.





I'm not my result in email so please send my results with best regards