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CISSP: Provisionally Passed, But No email of results



I tested for CISSP on 04-23-2018 and received the paper from the testing facility that I had provisionally passed the exam. This was stellar news. However, in doing some research on here, I am finding that most people have received the email of your exam results rather quickly.


I noticed that it says results may be delayed 6-8 weeks, but that seemed to only refer to the mailed certification.

I am hoping to get some insight as to how long I should reasonably expect to wait before contacting ISC2 about it.


Thank you in advance,


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Community Champion

From the FAQ:


Q: Can I get my exam score?

A: For those who passed an examination, scores are not provided. For those who failed an examination, scores will be provided upon completion of the exam.


Q: When will I get my exam result?

A: In most cases, you will receive your examination results before you leave the test center.


Q: What do I do if I have passed the exam, but have not received any notice or email from (ISC)2 after a few days?

A: There could be two reasons for this, either:

  • Your examination results have not been received from Pearson VUE. It can take up to 72 business hours for examination results to arrive. Once your examination results are received, you will receive an email confirmation from (ISC)2.
  • You may have multiple accounts and do not have access to the email address associated with your examination. Please contact Member Services at membersupport@isc2.orgfor your accounts to be merged and for your examination confirmation to be resent.

@jnmoen7 Congratulations! Please feel free to email me if you do not receive your exam results to your primary email address on file within 72 business hours.Please be sure to provide your (ISC)² ID number and primary email address on file. 


Best Regards,

Amanda Vance 

Newcomer I

I just passed the ISSMP exam this morning, and received the paper notification at the testing facility, but I too have not received any email. I will wait a full 72 hours before contacting (ISC)², but thought I would add another data point that the emails are apparently not immediate.


EDIT: I did receive the email from (ISC)² within 24 hours.

Viewer II

Have provisionally passed, elapsed duration is now more than 15 days. Haven't received any confirmation email or acknowledgement.


Please help on how do I go about this as without the results being updated the endorsement cannt happen

Community Manager

We apologize for the issue you are having, your request has been submitted to Member Support. They will reach out to you. If you need additional support you can reach out to Member Support at:

ISC2 Community Manager