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CISSP Endorsement Requirements


I recently passed the CISSP exam and wanted to know the requirements for my endorser.


Does my endorser have to have known me for at least 3 years? As I read in some forums. Could it be someone who is my current supervisor (a CISSP cert holder) and has known me just for 1 year? 


How will my endorser communicate with my previous employers? Does he have to communicate through email and save the emails or can he communicate through a phone call to validate my experience?


Do you have any guidance document or page on what the endorsement requirements and process are like? 

I need to know this before reaching out to my endorsers to confirm if he qualifies. 






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Community Champion

Many congratulations on passing the CISSP exam!


The endorsement requirements are stated here.


There's certainly no requirement for your endorser to have known you at least three years. (Three years would be rather a strange number given the experience requirement for the CISSP is five years - four with a one-year waiver.)


Using your current supervisor as an example... Even though he's only known you for one year, he would be well placed to provide an endorsement as presumably he knows your CV/resume and either he or your HR department verified your previous experience already.


When you provide an endorsement for someone you're effectively vouching for them. If your endorser has confidence you have the experience even without validating in detail all five years he is free to do that.


If he does want or need to verify your previous experience then I've always found contacting people by email is the best option as it naturally produces written evidence, but sometimes I did need to call and speak with people - afterwards I would ask them to confirm what we discussed by email.


In terms of the process, you submit an online application using the first link above. You'll be prompted for your endorser's last name and member ID. Once you've filled in the requisite details, your endorser will be sent an email asking them to provide their endorsement. At this point, if they are confident you meet the requirements they can just tick the box and provide their endorsement. If they want to check your experience they can use the details provided in your application to do that.


Once your endorsement application is fully submitted, then you play the waiting game!