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ISC2 Former Staff

Welcome to the (ISC)² Islamabad Chapter Group Hub!

This group hub has been designated for (ISC)² Islamabad Chapter members to be able to connect, communicate and collaborate with one another. Feel free to post ideas, share insights, and exchange any resources that will be beneficial to the chapter. There are four different potential areas based on your chapter’s preferences where you can post:


  • Discussion Forum – communicate and collaborate on a variety of topics of interest 
  • Blog – review and publish news and insights
  • Knowledge Base – store and share valuable information or data
  • Idea Exchange – post and comment on various ideas and suggestions

Please note the (ISC)² Community Guidelines apply to this group hub. Please observe the rules and guidelines accordingly. If you have any questions, contact

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Viewer II

It would be great to interact with other members and contribute to common good.

Good day all,

I am Fahad Khan, born in Saudi Arabia, currently working as a Security Screening Systems Technician at Jeddah Terminal 1.

I have an associate degree in CS and I have always admired technology based on how much benefit it can provide us. Security has been my passion, whether it may be physical or online, which is why I have completed CC

I believe in the coming years, we will need many cybersecurity professionals due to the increase in number of cyber criminals. 

I hope we can benefit from this group by networking and keeping each other up to date on the new events in the field of technology and cybersecurity.


Question for everyone here! Which OS do you usually work on?



Well I have just joined it .... I hardly see any activity over here !


Contributor I

Yes very few members

I am an experienced Information Security Professional with over 25 years of expertise in diverse industries, including Telecom, Banking, Education and Financial Institutions.
I am ISC2 CISSP certified along with other Information Security certifications.