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Influencer II

Vicious vegans

Butchers in France have written to the interior minister to ask for protection against violence and intimidation from vegans.


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Advocate I

James Madison wrote in the 10th Federalist papers about such tyranny of the majority or in this case tyranny of the minority both fit below:


“The latent causes of faction are thus sown in the nature of man . . . A zeal for different opinions concerning religion, concerning government, and many other points, as well of speculation as of practice; an attachment to different leaders ambitiously contending for pre-eminence and power . . . have, in turn, divided mankind into parties, inflamed them with mutual animosity, and rendered them much more disposed to vex and oppress each other than to co-operate for their common good.”

Community Champion

Sarcasm: Can you see historians on Wikipedia, in documenting the second great French revolution, trying to sanitize the statement: "...and the leader of the resistance proudly walked up to the butcher, massive in size from years of wielding his ax of dismemberment, and issued a challenge of dueling by swatting the butcher in the face with an organic curd of broccoli ..."


Reality: Sadly, bad behavior is the norm in trying to advance a cause instead of civility.

Defender I

Learn from History:

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