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Community Manager

Recent ransomware headlines gaining attention with your leadership?

Are the recent ransomware headlines combined with the focus the U.S. administration has been putting on cybersecurity, especially this latest advisory, making it easier to have conversations with leadership or making leadership more responsive?


Just curious. What are your thoughts?

ISC2 Community Manager
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Contributor I

I would say so, especially with finances at stake. Too bad we always have to wait for a disaster to happen to get the higher-ups to make decisions that already came too late and with a price.

Community Champion

My thoughts only


It is a good first step however until all governments implement similar strategies, it may not go far.


It may make conversations with some execs easier BUT as we have seen time after time, as soon as a crisis passes, the glow or enthusiasm goes away.


Maybe being in the business for 35 years+ has jaded me.


Again, great first step 

Community Champion

If you are a CISO and not concerned about PREPARING against ransomware then you are probably already looking for a job change. Until we get serious about implementing automated preventative controls humans will still be the cause for attacks being successful.

Contributor II

I think it will provide an opening for the conversations to happen.


These conversations should have been happening all along. It is unfortunate it takes a highly publicized incident or two to get to having the conversations.


Let's just hope if any regulation or legislation comes out of this it is well thought out and not a knee jerk poorly written reaction.

Newcomer I

Ransomware is the biggest issue right now, and the headlines are certainly raising eyebrows and awareness with the leadership where I work.
I don't know if the governmental response will help, but it probably can't hurt. If anything, I think real world examples are more of a prod than statements by the government.

I would say the intelligence community should be more aware of the cyber attacks that are targeting our government officials and government elections.