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Newcomer II

Blockchain as security enabler?

Anyone have any thoughts on utilizing blockchain as a security enabling technology? Maybe for dispersed audit logging? Are there some commercial security solutions already utilizing blockchain? Admittedly, I've not done any research (not even a google search beyond cryptocurrencies) on this. This seemed like a good place to start.


Update: just came across this article at


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Blockchain is fundametnally a security enabler with core functional capabilities around the following:


- Cryptography 

- Immutability

- Time-stamp


To your question around storing audit logs utilizing distributed ledger technology, not sure where the audit log is getting generated from and what is the driver behind securing it using BC? All of the above functional capabilties does provide some sort of tranactional logs encrypted and distributed across mutliple nodes with a time-stamp. But the question is always going to be cost vs benefits..


Hope this heps...


Global standardization approach currently being addressed to allow proper and concerted effort commercial development, any contributions to these efforts will greatly expedite the efforts:



Newcomer I

Block-chain technology is the future.

Tokens have more use than currency. As commonly are called tokens they can be used for 'smart contracts', privacy, non-repudiation, etc.

You can look for 'Linux Hyperledger' or 'Eherium Consortium'.

Below is site I've found yesterday which looks promising with regards to networking. Please understand I'm not endorsing any of these business but is good to look into it.

More news about tokens:



Influencer II

How to use blockchain for security



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