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Influencer II

A lie can run around the world while the truth is getting its pants on

Researchers at George Washington University, the University of Miami, Michigan State University, and Los Alamos National Laboratory have found that communities on Facebook that distrust establishment health guidance are more effective than government health agencies and other reliable health groups at reaching and engaging "undecided" individuals.


It's so depressing ...


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Advocate I

Healthcare has cast its own shadows on themselves creating distrust and wariness in its wake so I am hardly surprised to see people no longer trusting much of anything coming out that field. Instead of saying this is what worked before and how we plan to go about things while we study the next steps. We have been told, don't worry about the mask, do wear a mask, save masks for healthcare, back to wearing anything that covers your face, now back to wearing the most effective but not too effective mask you can.


Coronavirus has been so politicized, so lacking in transparency that people should be questioning why we are paying the CDC and WHO for questionable advice and research. Hardly shocking that people turn to other sources to support their own biases when the reporting agencies themselves have shown to be biased and politicized.


Reserve the dismay for the healthcare organizations first and then wonder why people no longer trust them as reliable sources of information.


- b/eads


@charlesarmstronpage wrote:

Colleges are trying to please everyone, many by hedging their bets and offering a choice of taking a course face-to-face or on line, of living on-campus until Thanksgiving break and finishing out the semester at home, etc. I predict, despite the best intentions snd preparations, schools that welcome students back to campus will cause the coronavirus to spread, and will end up hastily sending everyone home, as they had to do in the spring, creating more chaos and dissatisfaction.


100% true