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Practice Questions



For (and from) all the newbies out there who want help for studying, there have been numerous questions about, well, questions.  As in, "what's the best set of practice questions to use while studying for the exam?"


The answer is, none of them.


I have looked at an awful lot of practice question sets, and they are uniformly awful.  Most try to be "hard" by bringing in trivia: that is not representative of the exam.  Most concentrate on a bunch of facts: that is not representative of the exam.


So, from my own stash, collected and developed over the decades, I'm going to give you some samples that do represent the types of questions that you will probably see on the exam.  Note that none of these questions will appear on the exam.  You can't pass the CISSP exam by memorizing a brain dump.  These will just give you a feel.


For each question I'll give the answer, what type of question this represents, and possibly ways to approach this type of question.


I'll be doing this over time, "replying" to this post to add questions.  Others are free to add sample questions if they wish, but be ready to be (possibly severely) critiqued.


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314 Replies

Thank you very much for your time, it is greatly appreciated.


However, I thoght that I was solidly prepared for the exam and now I am in the deepest of slumps. If all the questions are like this I think I am far from getting a 70%.


I would request to have access to the practice questions for my preparation for the CISSP exam
Newcomer I

Sanjeev...the practice questions in this blog are spread throughout. You simply need to read from the beginning - there's not an app. Best wishes with your prep.

Reader I

The wording is playing mental gymnastics in my head.

Is this effectively stating the controls used when developing a system is a standard method when measuring the performance of the project?