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Newcomer I


Dear All


I had appeared for the CISSP exam yesterday and i failed ):. It took one and half years of my life, on and off training / studying / practicing except for last 3 months when i was totally committed to the test.


Initially i thought i could never cracked this exam but for last month or so i actually enjoyed studying, the concepts that you learn during the preparation are so beneficial that even if you have failed, you feel that you have gain a lot in terms of knowledge in all the domains, now i really can talk about the subjects that i was afraid of. I would definitely keep on trying until i crack it 🙂




I do not want to divulge much because it is against the ethics, the people out there who are studying for the paper, these are the few points to consider:


1. The test was definitely very very hard, and there were so so many questions that were scenario based, you have lengthy questions and answers so be very prepared for these questions, out of 4 only 1 is correct, i have not received a question that says answer two


2. It is a mix of technical and management paper but personally i feel more inclined to technical. 


3. I studied hard but i did not study intelligently, try to learn all the concepts, otherwise do not appear for the paper.


4. Last, but not the least, you need to get at least 80% in each of the practice test and for all the domains otherwise you will not pass, same thing happened with me as i was getting late 60% and early 70% but individually failing on domains, so not a good idea.




1. ISC2 official book Version 8 -- register for wiley test bank,  you will get 6 bonus tests ...

2. ISC2 study guide version 2 - register for wiley test bank..

3. Personal instructor coaching from my home country - Qazi, excellent instructor

4. Simplilearn

5.   --> Kelly was great..She focused on what's coming on the paper but i believe she missed a lot in between, example PKI and do not just relay on this..

6. Boson exams 




Don't study hard, but study intelligently, try to get 80% in every domain and then go for 150 random questions..Good Luck!






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Influencer II

> shahrukhyasin (Newcomer I) posted a new topic in Exams on 09-20-2020 02:33 AM in

> Preparation:   1. ISC2 official book Version 8
> 2. ISC2 study guide version 2

Read "Security Engineering," by Ross Anderson

> -- register for wiley test
> bank,  you will get 6 bonus tests ...

Check out questions at

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I have not even started this or the CCSP exam yet. How long did you study for it? It would have taken me at least 5 months to study for both exams. It is not only a lot of material but it is a very difficult exam.