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Newcomer I




I failed my CISSP test on 19th Sep 2020, and now i want appear for the exam again but the problem is from 1st May 2021 onwards there is an update on CISSP curriculum. 


Can somebody please clarify the following for me:


1. If i schedule my exam now for Mid of May, will the CISSP questions still be from old material or from new updates?


It will be great if somebody can explain this to me..


Thank You




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Newcomer I

I have the exact same questions...with the addition of will there be new study material available for the 1 May changes prior to 1 May testing as I plan on testing around the 23rd of may.

Community Champion

Answers to your questions and more are available on (ISC)²'s FAQ page.



Q: When will these changes go into effect?
A: The changes will begin on May 1, 2021.

Q: If I have been studying for the CISSP exam with material that focuses on the current domains, will I be sufficiently prepared to take the new exam without additional study?
A: (ISC)² exams are experience-based that include experience-based items that cannot be learned by studying alone. If you already have the experience in the domains covered in CISSP and believe that you have sufficiently studied those domains, you should feel confident that you are qualified to take the new exam and pass it. (ISC)² cannot guarantee you will pass the exam.

Q: What impact do these changes have on (ISC)² training materials?
A: An update to the Official (ISC)² CISSP Training Course (classroom-based and online-instructor led) will be available in May 2021



Newcomer I

what about the study materials available if your not in the (ISC)2 course....will they be available before the 1 May 21 testing. 
If I'm delayed by the 90 day wait.  Can I Test before the 1 May changes at a reduced 90 day wait period?

Community Champion

The formal answer for both of those questions would come from the publisher/author and from ISC support, respectively, but in both cases, I would brace for a "no".


I earlier included the second "Q/A" because it may be relevant to why you now have a 90 day wait.  Check out this article to learn if maybe you are taking the wrong exam.  On another thread, you indicated "I have many years of experience as a security analyst and network technician", which may better align with the SSCP than the CISSP.  

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> denbesten (Community Champion) posted a new reply in Exams on 03-09-2021 03:42

> Answers to your questions and more are available on (ISC)²'s FAQ page.

All except the question of why the "official" and apparently ultimate guide, the
"CISSP Exam Outline," is not listed or linked, and does not show up on a search
on the site. (For those who think that Google knows *far* too much
about us all, please note that you *can* find the Outline document via a Google
search, which is really kind of strange.) However, do not fret. The "Domain
Refresh" document really does contain all that you need to know about the topics
to be studied for the exam. In addition, having updated my *own* version of the
seminar (I'm going to be doing it online for a college in May), it is intructive to
compare the total contents of the upcoming domain refresh with a version of the
CBK from 2000, and note that there are remarkably few differences, and those
mostly in cosmetic wording. As previously noted, the exam is primarily based on
fundamental concepts, and those do not change much over time.

"If you do buy a computer, don't turn it on." - Richards' 2nd Law
"Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses" 0-387-94663-2
"Viruses Revealed" 0-07-213090-3
"Software Forensics" 0-07-142804-6
"Dictionary of Information Security" Syngress 1-59749-115-2
"Cybersecurity Lessons from CoVID-19" CRC Press 978-0-367-68269-9
============= for back issues:
[Base URL] site
CISSP refs: [Base URL]mnbksccd.htm
PC Security: [Base URL]mnvrrvsc.htm
Security Dict.: [Base URL]secgloss.htm
Security Educ.: [Base URL]comseced.htm
Book reviews: [Base URL]mnbk.htm
[Base URL]review.htm


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A link to the outline that Rslade referenced can be found at the very bottom of one of the FAQs.  


Q:  How is the CISSP exam changing?
A:    ...  Please refer to the CISSP Exam Outline for details.

I concur that it could be more prominently placed.