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Newcomer III

i wont give up...

Hi All,

I am a SSCP, which I passed in 1 try in 2017.

Now, am studying for the CISSP, took it twice and still no go.

But, I am busting my behind, and will NOT give up. Whatever it takes, im gonna get it

I always advise my kids, " Do one more day, push hard one more time", and I follow this creed.

The more I'm put down, the more I gut it out.


Just an advice to those who want to give up: You give up, you already failed! I see so many posts here about complaints and why they failed and wanting to give up. That is your choice. Posting here about failure will NOT make ISC change your scores. You failed, you failed. I failed, it's on me, no one else.  Study harder, learn more, double effort, and in the end, you will get it.

There is no losing: Only winning and learning.



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Newcomer I

You re right: never give up!

Think about F.A.I.L like: First Attempt In Learning.


If you feel in the exam that you stucked then:

- go and take a rest

- go back to the exam room, sit back and just watch the question without any assumption


It will help you.

Sometimes need to change approach to move forward.

Newcomer III

Hi ALL!!

yes, i rescheduled TWICE before today, as I thought I was not ready...but for this time, i really dug into the materials and changed my mindset on approaching the exam...

and during the exam, i changed 50% of my thought process and went back to basics...and I PASSED!!

WOO HOO!!  I never thought I WOULD but I DID!

Before the test, I lit a candle at the altar of my grandparents and prayed for some luck and help..:)

and glad they did help!!


The test: for some reason, i thought the test was only 125 questions..:) but I went all the way to 150 and EVEN had a number 151...not sure what that was.

i thought to myself, wow, i must have failed again, and was prepping myself but when I got the results, it was heaven!!

Thanks to all who gave advice and believed...and to THOSE who are still trying...NEVER GIVE UP!!

STUDY and WORK WILL get it!!


Community Champion

YeSSS! Congrats my friend. It's the attitude that gets you thru. Approach with calm and deliberation, and voila.


Good job!