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Viewer II

failed test today

Really dismayed that the test questions were so different from my practice tests, that I thought I had been given the wrong test.  I came home and reviewed the Sybex test questions again, I know the answers to these, but these new questions were out of left field.


Apparently I need to wait for the new test prep materials....


Very disappointed, I spent an enormous amount of time studying the wrong material.

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Community Champion


I hope you haven't joined this community simply to get consolation for not clearing the exam, given that your account name 'Dismayed' suggests this, and your post hasn't requested for advice or recommendations.


Also, assuming you've chosen the account name to reflect your sentiment, & plan to change it to 'Elated' on cleaning the exam, better you ask the community moderators whether or not that's an option now itself.


All the best.



Shannon D'Cruz,

It's best to use multiple sources when studying for such a broad test. This is not an easy test and preparation takes time and as many resources as you can get your hands on.


Advocate I

Taking after market exams is often a huge splash of cold water compared to academia. The environment is vastly different; material is presented differently; proctors looking over your shoulder, more noise. Everything is different. If this describes how you describe your experience - it normal. Most people fail their first certification exam and the CISSP is a difficult exam on top of it. 


Keep in mind that Amazon has 842 materials for you to learn from in preparation for the exam. Second, keep in mind that many people consider the CISSP an experience exam and less an academic exam. Generally, I hear people tell me the exam is binary in nature: Easy or "the toughest thing they have ever done in their life" types.


Folks who think the exam was easy or an English comprehension exam generally have tons of experience before sitting, huge exaggerators or really, really good at taking exams in the first place. Others approach the exam academically and try to pound there way through the exam and find the material to be very difficult. 


It all depends on your experience and your approach but one thing to always keep in mind: practice questions rarely have the same feel or depth as the real thing. People who write those practice questions are not the same people writing the exam questions. Almost two different animals.


Dust yourself off and be prepared for a challenging exam. One hundred questions to pass.


Good luck.

Newcomer I

The Sybex questions are really only designed to highlight gaps in your technical knowledge. It doesn't really come close to capturing what the actual test will look like.


Here's the thing, you could memorize the CBK front to cover and still bomb the exam. The CISSP is all about applying ethics and a business mindset to that knowledge. There really isn't a lot of test material out there that will teach you that.


Study the code of ethics. Don't just read it, try and understand what it's asking you to do and live by. Pretty much so every scenario question you encounter will tie back to the code of ethics somehow.   

Newcomer I

Funny to come across this article through the course of my study and prep. I am also using the sybex course as well and running about 70% in practice tests. That said the (ISC)2 flash cards I am clipping at 90-100%. That tells me there is a big gap in the material. I will take into account the code of ethics when studying and also try one last book, "11th Hour CISSP" and see how I feel afterwards. 


Keep positive there is a lot of material just understand you cant know everything. 

Newcomer I

I am with you here. Flash cards test your technical knowledge BUT in exam situational questions, every answer can be technically correct; you have to select the best one and flash cards that present one technical thing at a time do not prepare you for that part of the exam.