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Newcomer I

What is the format of the CC exam and how many questions are there?

Hi all, 

I am planning to take the Certified in Cybersecurity exam and would like to know the following, 


1) Will the format of the exam be MCQ? Or will there by  questions where we are required to write/type in the answers


2) Roughly how long is the exam and how many questions are there?


3) Is knowledge on diagrams tested? For example, will we be tested on the symmetrical and asymmetrical encryption diagrams? 

Any other tips on how to prep would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you
4) For ports, should we memorise all port numbers and their corresponding names? 

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Community Champion

You can find the majority of this here:

You should for sure use a lot more active searching in your exam prep, researching, gathering and gleaning information is essential in IT and information security.

Probably on encryption and I’m unsure on diagrams - check the exam outline.

You should be aware of common TCP/UDP ports(you should know them, but know how the services work on them -remember in many environments in real life ports can be ‘swizeled’, that is to say changed) you won’t need the last bit for CC. The best advice I can give you is Lear how the OSI seven layer conceptual model works(PDNTSPA) and understand how’s data is encapsulated. TCP/IP is a suite of protocols with four layers - how do they map to OSI seven layer protocol? Which ones are connection oriented vs best effort? What are the trade offs? Knowing the context in which the components of the system operates will help you understand the how and why, and this is invaluable. Check this out:

It’s old, but the fundamentals are still there.

Personally when studying I read for forty minutes taking notes, then I rest for ten after that I review my notes and anything I don’t understand I look up in a different source(invariably the internet these days).

Before your exam you should have had a coffee(or what you prefer) and a light snack.
Newcomer II

The Certified in Cybersecurity exam format:

1. Multiple Choice

2. A few matching

3. Scenario based Multiple Choice


The scenarios were short Cybersecurity common knowledge.


(ISC)² provides an online course which covers the following domains:

Security Principles
Incident Response (IR)
Business Continuity (BC)
Disaster Recovery (DR)
Access Control Concepts
Network Security
Security Operations

Newcomer I

thank you very much!