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Scrum Alliance Adds SEU to entry level certs

If TL;DR then the scrum alliance has a lot of certifications, and they now need to be renewed with CPE like points as well as mere money.


Interesting evolution, and I wonder if they will add an experience requirement as well as vettin like ISC2 does.


So...‘as a user, participant and practitioner of various fashionable and not so fashionable software development methodologies I like to be certified in them at an entry level so that I can argue over drinks about which one is the least hairsplitting and pedantic and why...’


The acceptance criteria for this user story just got a little cost benfit adjustment with the addition of Scum Education Units(SEU) to renew the  entry level certs, excerpt from an email:


We understand your certification won’t come up for renewal until 2020 but want to make you aware of the following policy change so you can plan accordingly: Scrum Education Units® (SEU®) will be required for foundational and advanced certification renewal, effective February 4, 2019. You can (and should!) start working on your SEU requirements now, even though you have plenty of time until your renewal date.
Certification (Two-Year Term)
SEUs Required
Fee Per Term
(remains the same)
Foundational: CSM®, CSPO®, or CSD®
20 (NEW)
Advanced: A-CSMSM or A-CSPOSM
30 (NEW)
Professional: CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO, or CSP®


To see if this can be prevented from affecting the critical path I’ve sent an email requesting the product owners input to the team for a stand-up meeting, to see if CPEs from ISC2 can be considered to fit for the definition of done for SEUs come UAT. Failing this I’ll burn-down all the points on my Gantt chart and after the retrospective will request the PO, SM and the Team to add an extra HIP Sprint on the next storytime...



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