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Newcomer I

Passed the CCSP exam - My Thoughts

I Passed the Certified Cloud Security Professional exam on Tuesday


Key Learning Point: "Ensure whatever you deploy into the cloud is more secure than whatever you deploy in-house"


For anyone interested in doing this exam I recommend the following.

Do CISSP first (I was able to answer a lot of questions because of the research I did for CISSP)
Read the CCSP CBK book - ISBN 978-1-119-27672-2 (Twice)
Read the CSA - Security Guidance for critical Areas of focus in cloud computing v3.0 (Free Download)
Read the CSA - The Treacherous 12 (Free Download)
Read the CSA - Cloud Control Matrix (Including the New GDPR section) (Free Download)
Read the Jerico - Cloud Cube Model
Read - OWASP top 10
Ensure you understand encryption
Ensure you understand virtualization technologies
Ensure you understand the core difference between IAAS, PAAS, SAAS

Exam Prep:
Read all Of the above
Free Flash Cards from ISC2 (Downloadable to iPhone and I think android)


CCCure Exam Prep - Accessible from your desktop (Paid about £50-60) Helps get into the frame of mind and question format. Not many questions found on actual exam, but still worth it.


Studied for six weeks (But CISSP helps a lot)

The Exam

125 questions in 240 Mins - Did mine in about 120 mins (70% Pass required)
Multiple Guess - straight questions but a lot of scenario based questions
More of a management approach than technical exam.
Yes I found it hard. Very broad questions (Alot of my knowledge came from doing CISSP)

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Contributor I

Congratulations Simon.




Nagarajan Viswanathan (Raj)
Community Champion



Congratulations!  Great job on your preparation and execution of the CCSP test.  I completely agree that earning a CISSP helps prepare the candidate for many parts of this test.  


What's next for you?  Did you take the CCSK?



Newcomer III

Congratulations Simon. Seems like you did a lot to prepare for the cert.

Newcomer III

Congratulations!  And thanks for the very nice rundown of your prep methods. I have a number of things I want to work on next year, but this exam might fit in the schedule somewhere.

Newcomer II

Newcomer II

Congratulations !

Newcomer II

Congratulations! Glad to hear about the CISSP as prep for CCSP!

Contributor I

Well done. Bravo!

Newcomer I

Thanks for the tips.


I just completed readying the Sybex and All in One books along with their online testing applications and have just begin reading the CSA and ENISA guides.


Fortunately, I do already have my CISSP, which has helped greatly in both question mindset and technical competence (in addition to my day to day job activities).


I guess we'll have to see how well my prep was once I take the test.


Thanks again for the great advice.