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Newcomer I

Passed my CCSP 2019

Passed my CCSP exam today and wanted to share some thoughts regarding the prep:
- To prepare, I have read the Official Study Guide(1st edition) twice, CCSP CBK(2nd edition) once and CSA Guidance v4 once
- Twice went through CCSP official questions 800+ questions
Started on October 25 2018 and passed the test on January 4th 2019 (minus the holidays and 2 weeks vacation)

I was surprised how relatively easy it was. When I took the CISSP I wasn’t sure about my progress (I think that CISSP was really tough!), but I knew that I am doing well during the CCSP and I knew that I would pass.
The questions are less tricky than CISSP and there are lot of simple questions similar (not Disclosing any actual questions here) to “what is the port for xxx”- so very well aligned to Wiley Testbank.
Four hours to answer 125 is also a lot, I could have finish it in less than two, but decided to take a break and then rechecked all the answers that resulted in approx 2h30min.
In the conclusion, I think this is a great cert that has more depth than CISSP, but lacks in breadth. Also, it is way less complex than CISSP, but I would not take this test before the CISSP, since the material definitely crosses over between the two.
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Newcomer III

Congrats on passing the exam


I am looking to tackle this exam myself in the near future. I have been reading the Official Study Guide in preparation. Currently on my first "reading" of the book. after that I plan on a focused review, taking lots of notes and flash cards along the way before hitting up the practice tests.


I appreciate the thumbs up on the Wiley Test-bank


thanks again for the nice concise review!

Newcomer II


Contributor II

For anyone taking the CCSP, or I assume any other exam, the wait time is certainly running up to the 8 weeks they say.  I passed the CCSP exam in mid November.  I waited for a few days to get the email from them, then sent an email, they looked it up, and said, yes, you passed (of course, I knew that provisionally) so I submitted by endorsement (CISSP, already, self endorsed).  I have the confirmation email from 12/3 that everything is submitted.  11/28, this Monday, would be exactly 8 weeks later, and I got my confirmation email at 10:13 last night, so they are taking all the time granted themselves, and might be working late to even get to that!

Newcomer I

Congratulation ! Do you have any prior experience in cloud computing (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc) ?

Contributor II

I started working with OpenStack about 4 or 5 years ago, and have been involved with primarily AWS, secondarily Google, IBM Cloud, and Azure for the last 2.  The company I work for now is a cloud based business, which is part of why I wanted to pursue the CCSP.


Newcomer II

Congrats and welcome to the club!


Congratulations on your achievement. Thanks for the info and updates. Good to know. Will definitely help me.
Contributor I

Congratulations Jean.

Nagarajan Viswanathan (Raj)
Newcomer I

Would you mind to elaborate a bit more on this part?

I ended up relying on general knowledge as most of my learning's seemed unused on the test.


Thank you!

Reader I

I provisionally passed CCSP today also. I am already a CISSP so thought would be good to compliment it. I don't have any heavy duty cloud experience and thought this would be a good way to learn new things so I used the Ben Malisow Official Study Guide and the Official Practise Questions on the Wiley test bank. I didn't ever come across or know the mean of the word Motif before studying these guides but I sure did by the end. Plus another very esoteric word like deleterious. 


I took the whole 4 hours, i took my time and got pretty hungry after 2 hours ( i should have eaten more in the morning). Some of the vague questions i wasnt sure about the answer so I must have been a borderline pass. I am not in any hurry to have the cert so not not worried about how long it takes for the certification to come through after I do the self certification process.