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Newcomer I

Passed SSCP 16/10/2019

Hi All.

I passed the exam on Wednesday 16th 2019, so thought i would type up a quick post to go over my study methods and thoughts
Study Method
Three months of on off study and a month of solid study. I would read a chapter a night and try and complete the end of chapter quiz and multiple-choice questions. I found that the quiz was a great memory refresher and worth completing. Whenever i was traveling with work i would try and get some videos or do some tests.
Study material.
  • SSCP Systems Security Certified Practitioner All-in-One Exam Guide, Third Edition
    • Excellent book, and test questions, my one grip would be that it is not grouped into domains.
  • (ISC)2 SSCP Systems Security Certified Practitioner Official Practice Tests
    • Excellent resource for testing knowledge, these are much harder than the exam in my opinion. They get you used to the exam format and gets if used as a study aid, they really help embed the consents.
  • Mike Chapple SSCP Online Videos (LinkedIn)
    • Great resource, i found these to be a valuable resource. I liked to watch them when i was traveling and just didn't want to read.
  • Computer Security Incident Handling Guide - SP 800-61 Rev. 2
    • Now i am not going to say i read the whole thing chapter and verse but it deflationary helped me embed the consents.
  • Android App called SSCP, this had flash cards and practice tests like the Official SSCP Test book
  • Over 150 written Flash Cards, i did want to use Anki but i found i was spending too much time faffing with the app and format, good concept but not a fan.
I also watched a video that basically simplified things to there most basic form.
  • Confidentiality = Encryption
  • Integrity = Hash
  • Availability = Resilience
Exam Thoughts and Advise
I thought the exam was fair, nothing like I was expecting. Take your time and read the questions a few times and if you know the consents it becomes obvious what the answer is.
Don't try and cram in the last 3 days this, i tried to memories every key size etc and that didn’t help me and I was very tired on test day.
Also not seen this mentioned before but there is a calculator available and a acronyms page you can refer too.
Now on to CISSP, the SSCP is definitely a good stepping stone before jumping into CISSP Domains
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Many congratulations!


Also, thanks for the write up. 🙂