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Passed CSSLP exam

Hi people,


I passed CSSLP exam, pending endorsement. I'm nertheless surprised that globally there are only 2,452 CSSLPs so far.

I passed CISSP last year but still need 9 more months of experience so I can't get endorsed. Therefore, I decided to try CSSLP. All I can say that it's a long and tough exam and is heavily focused on security issues in software development.


Best wishes everyone.

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Thanks for your comment. So this acronyms sheet is available in exam software?

What about type and length of questions, wording, etc? Is still as complex / difficult as commented in other posts?

Community Champion

@sandpa wrote:

I passed the CSSLP earlier today.  I don't think you can take anything other than your ID, the key to the locker that holds your personal belongings and a pen/sheet for note-taking. But a dictionary is probably not going to be allowed. You might want to call ahead and specifically ask.


As for scoring, I don't believe CSSLP employs the domain specific scoring. The poster on the other thread misconstrued the proficiency levels sheet he got after failing. It is just to inform you how you are doing in individual domains so you can tailor your prep for your next attempt. He/she probably scored quite low on the domains they were showing "Below" and that contributed to a less than 70% score.

Many congratulations, and welcome to the club!


BTW - the questions on scoring and dictionaries were answered in another thread:


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Thanks Alec!

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Hello all,

Since the last message on this post back in last year, are there anyone else who took the CSSLP exam after the refresh (2020 September)? It would have been great to hear some insights from especially the ones who took both versions. Thanks.
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hi chyobo


Would you be able to recommend any specific book or videos or other training material to pass this ?  Thanks,


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