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Newcomer II

Passed CISSP exam on 7/12/2018, but leaving for USAF bootcamp on the 31st

Passed the test on 7/12/2018 and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. Endorsement application was sent on the 17th of this month. 


I was just wondering, do you have any recommendation for a book that I can use so I will not lose everything I studied to pass the test? I am looking for a book with less content than the Sybex Study Guide, but still enough to refresh my memory. I will be away for 6 months for military training and planning to pick up the best book right after the training so I can freshen up my CISSP knowledge.


And do you guys think to be away from doing anything related to Cyber Security will affect my chances of landing a security-related job when I get back from the military training? Going to the reserves, so, I still have to do a civilian job. Just worried that when I come back and applied for a security position that I can't really answer questions during the interview because some concepts might have been forgotten.


Thank you for any help!

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Community Champion

11th hour CISSP by Eric Conrad.  Also build up on BrightTALK CPEs if you have any downtime.

Defender I

Security Engineering, A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems, 2nd Edition, by Ross Anderson

One of the best books available for both initial introduction and deep discussion on a wide range of topic we should know.

The entire book is available free online, each chapter its own PDF file.


Be sure to use that link or confirm you are looking at the 2nd edition; the 1st edition is also up on the net.


The book is the basis for both undergrad and graduate courses in our field, and is a much more broadly tuned treatise on important concepts in our field.

Don't try to keep re-learning the CISSP exam materials... grow your learning outward in the community and field.


Also, a hearty congratulations on both your CISSP efforts and on entering USAF.  

(But do not call it boootcamp while in school. Marines go to boot camp; USAF has Basic Training.)


Cragin Shelton, USAF (Retired), 1971-1997


D. Cragin Shelton, DSc
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Advocate I

As a service member, you have access to the Federal Virtual Training Environment: FedVTE:

While you’re away at your golf resort, please use as many naval terms as possible, e.g. “Deck,” “Bulkhead,” “Head,” Galley,” “Geedunk” and others.

Also let us know where to reach you! We will send you care packages on behalf of the community!



Eric B. (Navy Vet)
Newcomer II

Thank you. I will check the 11th hour.

Newcomer II

Oh yeah, true, basic training not bootcamp. Thank you for the link. Bookmarked the it.