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Guidance for creating career in Cyber security

Hi Team,


this suresh have 10 years of IT industry experience and i am working as oracle DBA. I want to be cyber security professional. Please provide your valuable suggestions and show me the path lfrom where to start  to move my career towards cyber security. 


Please help me.




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Defender I


Great of you to work on planning your career development. Congratulations. Here are several aspects for you to consider.

Please allow me to refer to USA references, even though I understand you may not be in the USA, because they are the ones I am familiar with. I think the references will be relevant and usable anywhere in the world.


First, there is no single cybersecurity profession. Spend some of your research time becoming familiar with  the breadth of jobs that the broad field of cybersecurity encompasses. One major source available is the NICE program at the US National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST). There is a lot there, as the participants are working to develop a framework for all of cybersecurity training. 


Second, at this stage do not obsess on the management-level "professional" certifications like the CISSP and CISM. Focus on basic skill and entry level training available from numerous sources. One I am familiar with is the Security+ training from CompTIA, but there are others out there, too. 


Third, you have demonstrated a deep skill already as an Oracle DBA. If you are good at that job and enjoy it, consider adding database security skills to your DBA expertise. Look into the aspects of implementing cryptography inside the database, implementation of row-level security in a DB, secure communication from the DB to external systems, and securing databases in the cloud. If you are an Oracle employee, take advantage of their in-house training programs. If you are not an Oracle employee, become familiar with other database and cloud related security skills. 


Fourth, select specific short term and long term goals for moving into security-related positions. Plan you efforts to take actions that support those goals.


Fifth, don't do this on your own. You have initiated your development by asking for advice in this community; excellent start. If you have a local chapter of any of the major cybersec professional organizations (ISSA, ISACA, (ISC)2, etc.) available, join and become active. 


Good luck!





D. Cragin Shelton, DSc
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