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Newcomer II

Failed CISSP 3.25.2019

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> devinashburn (Viewer) posted a new reply in Certifications on 03-29-2019 03:12

> "management answer algorithm"?

If you are presented with four (seemingly) equally correct answers, and one of
them is the "management" answer, that is the correct answer ...

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Newcomer II

Ah okay yes I've read that before. I had never heard it called an alogirthm lol, I like the sound of it though.

Newcomer III

Hi devinashburn,


I know what you mean about feeling disappointed in the results of the exam, and in my experience, the best piece of advice is to "think like a manager", not only during the test, but also when you are studying the material.  There is a LOT of material to study from, and a lot of it is pretty good.  That being said, the test isn't trying to gauge whether or not you specifically remember the fire extinguisher that will be used in a data center, or if you can distinguish IPSEC ESP versus AH. Instead, the relationship between the study material and the exam is meant to give you the specific knowledge (like IPSEC) to make decisions based on the "think like a manager" perspective.


As an analogy, if you were studying to be an electrician, you would need to understand key concepts like voltage, impedance, capacitance, wire specifications, breaker boxes, fire issues, etc. While this material will help you as an electrician, to manage a company of electricians, you will need to make difference decisions, such as cost, the customer requirements and employee safety. Invariably there will be constraints put on your electricians that will force the company to make job decisions that are less than optimal, but that is the real world. You will have to decide the BEST way to satisfy the needs, while reducing costs, making the job easier, making the customer happy, and not putting your employees or customers at risk.


It is this type of thinking that the CISSP exam focuses on; to look holistically at the problem, while understanding the key concepts well enough that they internally help shape your decision making. 


I hope that helps.



Newcomer I

Hi Kevin,


Thank you for this message.

It helps me to figure out why I did fail last Wednesday.


You said that the CISSP exam is based on - make decisions based on the "think like a manager" perspective - but how could I work on this?

The study materials give us 'static' knowledge but not how to practice on it.

How could I improve on this topic especially? Who could help me if the study materials and practice tests do not cover THE MOST important subject of CISSP exam?





Newcomer I

Hi There

Thanks for sharing your experience I also have attempted to pass my CISSP and have been  unsuccessfully twice so far.

My journey is here.


I wanted to reach out to you to see if you wanted to form a study group or have any tips you would like to share?





Viewer II

Answer the questions with the mindset of a manager. I found I could eliminate 2 answers on almost all the questions fairly easily. Then I was just left with two to decide on the correct one. But you do have to think and apply your knowledge as if you're the manager making the decisions.

Newcomer I



Really Sorry to hear.


I want to share my experience, Passed my CISSP last week.


1) Studied practice questions from shon Harries, there are about 200-250 questions from 8 domains.

2) Practice online questions from there are about 1800 questions, membership here is paid.

3) Practice online questions from sybex 8edition and practice test (around 1500 questions).


if you score 85% or more, means you are ready. Don't repeat too much, else you will start remembering those questions/answers and will get a false feeling of preparations. 


This is what i have done. 

Newcomer II

This helps immensely Kevin, thank you. I'll try to apply that mind set. 

Newcomer II

thanks for the input jeff