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Newcomer I


I got the study guide book for SSCP. I still have to buy the voucher. How long should I study for this exam. Or what do you reccomend. 







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Community Champion


it varies and depends on your background.

If you are fully knowledgeable, you can just go straight to the exam. ( I consider certficaiton as a test of your knowledge but not a path for study). 


I just provisionally passed the SSCP today. I spend 2.5 hours on the 3 hours exam and have about 30 minutes left (remark I am not an English native speaker).

if you are not, it could take you a month or 2 depend on your skill, background, study discipine and how you are devoted to this.

But SSCP is really a good start for you to prepare other exam like CISSP, CCSP or CSSLP.


I don't bother to read the study guide and just go straight to the exam, it's because this is my 8th certification in ISC2. I consider myself have the knowledge on each domain and know material pretty well.


I would say knowing the domains inside out is key and you may use Wiley Efficient Learning (since you have already purchased the Sybex study guide, don't waste it) and there is an Official SSCP Study App provided by ISC2.


There are flashcards and Practice exams in both app which could be helpful to you to access your knowledge.

I did use both this week to try out the question, and I finish each question within 1 minute and get average 90% correct.  They are pretty straight forward to me. 


Good luck to your study and exam.


Newcomer III

Hi - There are many ways to study for this test, many materials available, and many potential outcomes. It depends on how you study best and how much time / money you have to spend.

I've posted about this before in much greater detail regarding my own experience, if you're interested.

Otherwise, the best advice is to create a good plan, prepare to the utmost of your ability, and stay positive / confident in your ability to retain the information and pass the test.


Good luck!