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CISSP mentor needed

Hello All,


I am a Firewall Security Engineer with 10+ years of experience in this field. I am planning on taking the CISSP exam in the 3rd week of July, 2019.  I started my studies in the last week of feb-2019 and below are the materials I am using for my studies.


1) CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, 8th Edition by Shon Harris.

2) MF Prod videos on youtube.


I study for about 4 hours per day and as of now have glanced through the AIO book once.


I would appreciate any help / mentorship in taking this mammoth head on and also in guiding me on this journey.



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First off, wish you the best study journey...


I would focus on one domain at a time, thoroughly understand and practice on questions. Yes, you will forget a lot later on, but towards the end to have a more comprehensive review over all domains will refresh the knowledge learnt.


From your bio, looks like you don't have to spend too much time on communication and network domain. That'll be your easy points.


Harris book is too verbose and too much fluffy stuff, never like it, there are better books. I liked Conrad book way back when, sure there are new editions, Not familiar with other new study books, maybe online reader reviews can help.


But, I will focus on the CBK, that should be your main study material.I believe there's a new edition coming out soon, check with ISC2 or Amazon.


Best of luck,


Chuxing Chen, Ph.D., CISSP, PMP
Advocate I

I don't know your full background.


While I got the Shon Harris book, I did not use it.


I did get the ISC2 CBK book, and reviewed each domain.  ISC2 has additional books on the CISSP, so can't speak on their quality.


I would recommend doing test questions.  I used the companion practice exam book to the Shon Harris book, and ISC2 has their own practice tests book.  When you use these, always review how you did for each question and understand why the right question was the right question.  Even if you got the right answer, WHY was it right and was that why you picked it.

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Good luck with the exam!  Studying for this can seem daunting, especially since there is such a breadth of material to cover, some of which is likely outside of any one person's experience.  That said...


The Shon Harris book is good, and is often the first place to turn for any student wishing to take the exam. There are a plethora of other materials out on on the Internet, including the official (ISC)2 guide, which in my opinion, is a great reference tool, but not readable from end to end. There is also a test question book from the (ISC)2. Additionally there are also plenty of videos including an overview on by Kelly Handerhan, videos on LinkedIn Learning (previously by Mike Chappel, and a large prep set from


I think that you will find that the community here will be willing to help clear up any confusions on the material as best we can.


Best of luck!