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Newcomer I

CISSP exam failed today | 07-Oct-2017

Hi All,


I took my CISSP exam today and failed with very bad score 460/1000. I have Started Studying from last December 2016 and took exam today (07-Oct-2017) but failed. 


Below are the study materials I have used and all the practices questions I worked out in understanding of each questions however I have failed with very bad score.


1) CISSP CBK 4th Edition Official Book.

2) CISSP Sybex 7th Edition.

3) CISSP Sybes Official Practice Questions book and Application (Both Same Question Bank).

4) Cybrary CISSP Online training Videos.

5) CISSP Sybex Online Practice Questions.

6) CISSP Boson Practice Questions.

7) CISSP 60 Seconds YouTube Practice Questions.

😎 Syngress cissp practice tests


I am writing this blog to know where I went wrong and wanted to know which study material I need use.

Even if I take any fresh practice questions likes in GoCertify and Skillset, I would be getting more than 85% score.



Planning to retake probably in Jan / Feb.



Thank You...


Best Regards

Prashanth M

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You receive your score when you fail..
Newcomer I

After a exam will get printout and it will show up your strongest and weakest domains.

Newcomer I


Newcomer I

Excellent way of putting it.  And even more so- it is mostly around business risk/management than anything else.



Newcomer III

I failed the first time I took the exam too. But I was too much into a techie mindset, I had to see things from a management mindset in order to pass...

Newcomer II

After lots of reading highlighting and note taking I used the CISSP Official (ISC)2 Practice Tests to identify my gaps.

I split each domain chapter into sets of 25 questions and did 4 domains at a time, checked all the wrong and uncertain answers against my notes, books and repeated until all 800 questions were answered. Then I did two full practice tests and repeated the process.

My notes in onenote were no more than 30 pages. I used these to refresh everything just before the exam.

Don't give up you will get there.
Newcomer II

Dear Prashant


Please don't lose heart. Just because you didn't pass the exam doesnt mean you lack knowledge. You just didn't meet the specific criteria of the exam on this occassion. 


I would suggest to study thoroughly but don't draw it out for too long. The exam content is huge and when I was studying, I realised that after a few months I was already starting to forget material. Try to segregate the domains and take notes as you go along. Try to choose a few ISC2 recommended resources and stick to them rather than expanding to lots of resources as I think this might help you focus better. 


I would also suggest that you try to enjoy the process of studying. Some of the material may not seem relevant but you are gaining new knowledge in this vital sector.  


I studied very hard  but during the course of my exam, I didn't think I would pass. With your continued dedication, I'm sure you will pass in due course.


best wishes

Hari 🙂


Viewer III

I scrolled through all of the responses and I didn't see anyone recommending the review courses.  I too an INTENSE 1 week review class (after studying on my own for a couple of months).  I took it online, but the teacher was EXCELLENT at including both the online and in-person students in the conversations, so I almost felt like I was there.  My classmates really supported each other.  I took the exam the day after the course was done and passed on my first try.


The course REALLY helped me to focus on what was most likely to be covered on the exam and not get too tied up studythings that very rarely appear on the test. 


Keep at it!  I'm sure you are learning a lot just doing all of that studying.  



Newcomer III

Prashanth, I am sorry to hear that you did not pass. That is a big chunk to swallow when the exam is quite expensive. I personally believe that carefully reading the questions and trying to think about them from a Manager's standpoint may help you. I would ask myself how would somebody in management answer this question. Also, pay attention to how the question is worded because sometimes a single word can cause the answer to the question to be different than you would think.

Viewer III

Hi All:


To be honest with you, you need two books, depending on your/ one's experience:   I highly recommend the 7th Edition Sybex CISSP Text - (Your Number 2, as noted in your list.)


I also recommend ... wait for it ...  "Dummies Guide - CISSP (Blue key edition).  Yes, I know, "dummies" version, but it is an excellent refresher, and I believe, the first one to be approved/ endorsed by (ISC)2, but do not quote me on that.


Finally, nothing can replace experience! 


I hope this helps!