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CISSP-Passed- Sharing

My fellow security folks


I have passed my CISSP over the weekend. Wanted to share few  experiences and the approach i took , with the intent of helping others waiting to take the exam


I have gone through 

1) Official Guide( this is a very disjointed narrative )

2) Shon ( in bits and pieces , especially where i felt i needed depth) - Shon - bless her departed soul.

3) Cram - ( he has a unique concise way of aggregating information)

4) The videos from MFPRD(i think)  on youtube - very well prepared, i think they are form the stable of Shon and her team - the presenter is extremely knowledgeable and has an excellent way of explaining the concept 

5) I did literally 1000's and 1000's of practice questions


In spite of all this it was my personal experience which probably played the biggest role in me getting through this. This is most challenging test i have ever taken and really tested me


All the practice questions i took, didn't even give the remotest preparation of the challenging nature of the kind of questions we run into on the actual test

I spent about 5 weeks preparing for this test - of course almost 8 hours a day - i took this as a challenge and was on a mission


SO now , what i feel would best server other  aspirants


Spend a lot more time in getting the concepts and processes and procedures down - especially first go through Shon - put in the time in a methodical fashion , then get to official body of knowledge . I know some recommend going through the questions at the end of the chapter first before studying - it might be a good idea to do that


Then you go through the other study material and do watch those videos on MFPRD or sign up on safaribooks online where you get access to multiple resources 


The way i felt this prep works is, you need go deep into the understanding - like mile deep , form the foundation then come back up and go across laterally , and while you are at it , pull in your life time professional experience  and then you might be prepared for this test. I am not trying to scare you, but this is one hell of a test and especially manage your time on the test. You need to understand the question, relate it to your knowledge, then chose the answer, all under a buck and change.

I was given my provisional pass at 100th question .....took 2 hours.


If anyone need any suggestions please feel free to send me a message, i would help to the best of my ability


Wish you all the preparation ( No Goodluck will save you here)


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Newcomer I

Newcomer I

Congrats for passing the Exam.


Please guide on which online site you have used to practice questions and your advice on the best site to practice for questions.