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Is it reasonable to conclude an indvidual with no ISC2 certification could achieve the CISSP-ISSAP certification in 6 months?


A position requires either a masters degree or a CISSP-ISSAP certification within 6 months of employment and we are trying to establish qualifying criteria. 


For the certification aspect, is it reasonable to assume if a person doesn't already hold the CISSP that he/she would likely not be able to get the ISSAP within 6 months?  Or, is it generally possible to get both in 6 months? Let's assume the person has worked in the general IT field long enough to meet the experience requirements of the certifications. 



I'm of the opinion it is not possible but would like to get other thoughts.  Would you exclude applicants who didn't already have the CISSP?





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Newcomer I

It's my understanding that you have to have your CISSP for 2 years before you can attempt the ISSAP cert.  

Contributor I

I thought so too. ISSAP is a concentration of CISSP. So candidate should already have CISSP, then have 2 years relevant experience after CISSP before attempt CISSP-ISSAP. 

Community Champion

So my general understanding is that anyone looking to gain the ISSAP must first be a CISSP.  That requires five years experience .  The ISSAP requires two (2) years experience as an architect.


Technically, if the person you hire has the experience then the answer is yes.....but you are setting a high bar for them.


Your post concerns me as you say "the person has worked in the GENERAL IT field " that in and of itself would not qualify them for the CISSP.    So based on this I would say NO.


Additionally, you are looking for a non-certified candidate to take two very hard exams in that six month period.


I think I would look for someone that is already a CISSP and is looking to gain the ISSAP (and potentially allow them a year to do it).







Community Champion

Yes, this is possible.


@wentzwu passed six exams including CISSP and all the concentrations in the space of four or five months:


He is obviously an exceptional individual, but it just goes to show it can be done.


Newcomer II

Good luck passing the test when ISC2 hasn't updated the BOK and all the third party vendors are also bewildered as how to teach to this exam when ISC2 doesn't even provide up to date study materials.